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Diesel shoes sizing?

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How Diesel shoes sizes runs?

Im size 13 on most of shoes(Clarks, Asics, Dr Martens, Dockers and Timberland), usally on size 14 on Puma Nike and Adidas, but size 12 on Rockport(most of my shoes).

most of my shoes are 48eu-13us-12uk or 47eu-13us-12uk, though they all fits the same. How diesel shoes size compared to other? Since Diesel shoes are 46eu-13-12uk.

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I wear a 10 in Diesel shoes and a 9.5 or 10 in clarks

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try before you buy. from my experience, the sizes are quite inconsistent from design to design.

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I wear a 44EU, 10UK and 10.5-11US and fit into 10.5 in Diesel.
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