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Fake 101 : Lacoste

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I look forward to getting a Lacoste section up on www.HonestWiki.com but lets start here with some basic information about authentic and non-authentic lacoste.

go to town. (I didn't say rock on that time)
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Lets start with a description of the different types of clothing so nobody confuses black market and gray market.

Fakes, Counterfeit, Black Market goods
Illegal to sell wholesale and on eBay. Not authorized by the company. They use the logo even though they are not allowed to.

Replicas or "Inspired" goods
Clothing that looks similar to the name brand items but do not use the logos. Acceptable to sell.

"Grey Market" goods
Authentic goods made from the actual companies. You are allowed to sell wholesale but be careful on eBay. VERO may shut you down. May be intended for sale elsewhere in the world so they may contain minor differences.

Store Authentic
Acceptable to sell anywhere in the world. Super difficult to find. Manufacturers like to ship to brick and mortar stores and maybe a few accredited online stores (like www.eLuxury.com ) and can have minimums in the tens of thousands.
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