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general sizing question

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I was curious about sizing for diesel jeans.  in general, is the size of the waist the same no matter what or does it vary according to the length of the inseam? for example if i tried on a size 30x30 in zatiny of a certain wash and it was too tight. is it safe to say that if i ordered the size i actually wear (30x32) in viker of the same wash it'd also be too tight?

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From what I have experienced so far, Diesel sizes are very inconsistent.

I have tried several kinds of the same pair of jeans (same cut, wash, waist and inseam) and they hardly ever fitted similarly...

There even were size 29 pairs that fitted looser than 31 ones... it kind of makes me wonder whether they have been mislabelled or not.

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diesel jeans size varies depending on the wash, you should ask about the wash, if you are in doubt.

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Diesel fucks with sizes

whenyou buy a pair of levis, for instance a size W28, all the levis size 28 will fit you the same way.

for Diesel jean it depends of fabric, wash and sometimes for matching pairs fit is different. moreover some pairs in cotton will stretch (i.e. 886B) when other wash wont (74K, 8X2...)

lenght can vary according to the wash as well.

but the less acceptable IMO is that the waist is almost EVERYTIME too loose even if the jeans fit you perfectly at the hips and legs. for instance the 887K is very tight in the legs but the waist of the pair I own (28X30) is a little loose. not that much but i have to wear them with a belt. and for jeans which waist has stretch i have to fasten my belt more or the jeans will fall down. but the dilemna is that if the jeans are too tight in the waist with the belt you will notice that the crotch area has inflated above... strange !

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