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thanaz 660Q fit pics

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the jeans are true to size. denim is thin and light, perfect for summer and  midseason.

size 28X30

very nice dark wash, but may be overpriced for a pair of jeans made in tunisia. herringbone pattern not much visible.

to compare, i have a pair of thavar 886B same size which have stretched 1 or 2 sizes, and a pair of thanaz 887K same size which are really tight in the legs.


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if someone can tell me... does the THANAZ 888Q fit true to size ? i wish to order a pair at cultizm and they have W27 and 28 at the moment?

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on promo pics it looked much much better

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I think they look great mate. Congrats.
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Good! You should make better pictures to make 118i stop complaining for once
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Lol Baltimore, 118i should call up renzo and give him shit for being a constant disappointment!! Still though, I'd say he'd be bored if thanaz got every cool wash!!
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i really really like this wash. i'd imagine it's hard to base an opinion of the wash off these pics as they're obviously poor quality cell phone pics.  still crossing my fingers it comes out in a cut i can werk!

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