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Without looking through my collection, I'm going to guess that the long grey tag started in FW10, or around then.


Regarding the clasp, I have a pair from SS07 which has a different clasp than several of my jeans from FW07, both of which are different from the clasps used now.  I even discussed this with the guys at one of the boutiques recently, when they were trying to authenticate an older pair that a customer had brought in.


I don't see anything about your pair to be worried that they aren't authentic.  You just have to get them tapered a bit.

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wow thank you so much unouomedue and MachineLearning


i can tell by your few words you guys really know your stuff. there isnt anything that worries me about their authenticity, the quality is amazing. i just have only handled two older pairs of diors i had bought on ebay then resold because i didnt like how they fit (a size 27 pair of holy nights and another size 27 pair i didnt know the style name of) so i really am not well versed in verifying authenticity of dior jeans.  


i do have to say, this being the third pair of slimane era black coated diors i have not been impressed at all with the cuts/fits as much as my mii kva's i bought last year.  i really am looking for a pair of MIJ slimane diors i will like so i can have a piece from that era but nothing has really sung to me. i think the 17.5 cut is really what makes it because these sharp notations were a grail pickup for me and granted they were a size big, 29 i found the 19cm cut not appealing.  do you guys have  any suggestions?

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I think most would agree that the holy grail of Slimane-era black waxed jeans is the Destroyed model from Strip (SS 04).

They're not really an everyday pair, but they are one of the best mens jeans ever, I'd say.

Other than that, it depends on what you are looking for. The black waxed clawmarks from Luster (FW 03) are another classic, but almost impossible to find now, and the cut is a little wide in the leg.

There is a nice blacked waxed pair from SS 07 that officially was not named, but is usually called the Hedi jeans. They are a little thinner, have stretch, a little shine, and a very slim leg. But again, they are probably impossible to find.

Another pair from SS 07 that is cool is the black gold waxed. I had to size up one in those, because they are cut slimmer than others, so you might like the cut.

What didn't you like about Holy Night? I think they are the best black waxed of the KVA era, and I even like them more than many Slimane era pairs.
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You might be wearing the wrong shoes. I usually wear my diors with high tops (ex. converse chucks) or military boots, the ankle coverage cleans up the silhouette and stacks.  

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first post on denimblog!


saw these Dior jeans a while back. Just wondering if these are legit.


"Dior deep indigo raw 19cm"



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^ They're real but they are black raws not indigo

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Originally Posted by unouomedude View Post

^ They're real but they are black raws not indigo

thank you for the response!

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Hi, new to the blog here.. Can anyone tell me if this suit is authentic? Also what year and season is it from? Thanks a lot I appreciate it :) http://s1338.photobucket.com/user/begreat123/library/Dior%20Homme%20Suit

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Hi! Could someone help me to verify which season does this clawmark belong to? also if it's authentic as there's no size tag beside the leather Dior tag. Thanks in advance!

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just google number on first picture (above the size), pi31j0530213





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Haha thanks. Because I tried googling previously and couldn't find😂 legit yeah?
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