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Hey guys!

Need some help checking another pair of jeans. Supposedly they are a pair of mij raw black denim.


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Weird that the rest of the pics didn't work

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It seems to be legit to me (I'm no expert) but I have some reservations because the dior tag seems flimsy and not as sturdy as my other pair..
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^^ authentic

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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post

^^ authentic

Thank you for the reply!!

What would you say would be obvious tells that it is or it is not? I'd like to be able to know this myself so I stop bugging people here hahaha
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overall cut of jeans, clasp and buttons, seams, pockets (pockets placement), denim structure etc.

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got some old patchwork jeans from 07 that don't say dior homme on the button metal, heard some say it should say it, and some say it should?

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I recently purchased a pair of Dior jeans and was hoping you guys could identify them for me. Any help would be great! They look to be MIJ raw stretch, other then that I do not know any thing else. They are size 31 waist and have a 38in inseam and 7.2in hem.






Thanks for your time guys!

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^ Don't worry, AUTHENTIC icon_wink.gif
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@Saddock Thanks for the confirmation my friend!


I was hoping someone would also know if they are a older or newer model and whether they are the 19cm or 17.5cm model. Anybody???

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It looks like they're from FW/06. Very nice pair.

If for some reason you decide that you don't want them, shoot me a PM.
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Thanks! If you don't mind me asking. How could you tell the year?

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In your last picture there is a reference number, 6HH......

The 6 is for 06, and the H is for "hiver" French for winter. If it was SS, it would be EH... , E for "ete", French for summer.

The current jeans have a different reference number system.
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^Thanks for the info!

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this is great info. thank you

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I encountered a pair of 19cm MII Diors without the lettering on the tag:



Besides that, it looks legit.



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I've never seen that before, and just in my opinion, I don't see how that pair could be legit unless it's a second.


Based on what we learned in fashion school, I'm sure that a luxury brand like Dior has very thorough quality control.  The leather tags are probably ordered from an outside company, and there would be somebody in Dior who has the job of inspecting them to make sure that they were done to spec.


Then after the items are made, I'm sure that there is a very extensive inspection--to check if the seams are straight, if there are stains or holes that might have happened during production, if the legs are the same length, and so forth.  I can't imagine they would let an unbranded piece of merchandise go out to stores. 

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edit to above:  if they were very worn, then yes, sometimes the lettering rubs off, although the imprint usually remains.  But the waistband looks brand new, so I didn't think that was the case.

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authentic (based on only that 2 pictures).

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yes, authentic

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Hello dior experts. please authenticate this slimane era pair of diors  "AW07 MIJ sharp notation 17.5cm size 28"


Notes - they dont have the long gray tag next to the white "made in japan" tag inside the jeans like my new ones from last year i bought from the dior homme boutiqe in beverly hills do..., the top main buckle doesnt have the dior homme etching on them like my new ones do either.  also why do these seem to fit so wide for 17.5s?







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^ They fit wide cause 'Sharp Notation' was only released as 19cm. And the long grey tag is generally seen on washed pairs or newer pairs after Slimane era. Sharp notation is waxed black raw denim, so only a MIJ white tag is normal.

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