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How thanaz will fit me?

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I really like the 887k wash, and Im looking for something slimmer the the viker r box. Usually I'm wearing darron size 30, size 31 looks saggy on the butt I've got big calves. How's the thanaz gonna fit me. The 887k is tts? I've tried tried the thavar 880m(is it tts?) and it was disaster, size 30 couldn't fit and I couldt pass the tights, 31 was tight all over body and 32 was good on tights and legs but saggy on the butt. How's the thanaz compared to thanaz.
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The thanaz 887K is tight as hell. I had to send mine back and size up. If the 8880M is too tight then the 887K will be tighter. If you really like them, size up to 34 and wear a belt or get the 33 and wear them for a few days and they'll stretch out but not by much. Denim quality is superb and won't stretch too much. If you want to go tighter than viker-r then maybe try Safado. Safado gets some awesome washes every season.
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The 887k is available only on thanaz and viker right?
Does the thanaz 887k is tighter than other thanaz jeans? I could try the 880k
I hope they fits the same
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I'd say you would be ok with a 33 in the 8880K, the denim is quite thin and will stretch. The 887K is only available in thanaz and viker. The viker will be slimmer than usual too, based on my experience.
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Ill try the 8880k just to see how the thanaz is on me, it's not 100 cotton?
If the 33 will fit fine I'll take the 887k on size 34. Hope it won't be saggy.
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It prob will be a little saggy but buy a belt and you'll be grand. The 8880K is 100% cotton but not very thick.
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Just tried the 8880k, 32 and 33 was the same on waist but the 32 was much tighter than 33.
I hope the 887k will stretch on tights a bit.
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It won't stretch much. I've worn mine perhaps a dozen times and there is very little give in the thighs.
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The 887k should be tighter than the 0880k right? I afraid size 34 will be much saggy on the waist than the 0800k, it was a little bit saggy, but nothing a belt couldn't handle. I hope the 34 is slimmer on the waist to.
What sizes you usually wear on other diesel fits?
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I'm a 32 in thavar, Safado, Darron and 31 in braddom, iakop, larkee, krooley, etc. I'm a 33 in shioner and thanaz.
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I still havent choose between size 33 to 34, I have untill tomorrow.

thats just wierd. on safado, darron larkee and viker Im usally size 30, some larkees 29 even. I really love it when its tight on waist since im bumlessicon_redface.gif, but my tights are pretty big so It usally stretch on there just fine. The 8880k was kinda good on the store, even before it got stretched, and it was thin, which is good, becasue thick cotton looks much better on the body. If the 33 887k is a bit tighter on the tights then 8880k and it will stretch a bit its fine.my only concern is that size 32 8880k= size 33 887k.

On the "what diesel are you wearing today" picture you recently post your wearing size 33 right? From that picture your a bit wider than me on the waist.

Who knew buying jeans will be so hard...

I guess ill go with the 33, I have untill tomorrow to decide.

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Just order both sizes and return the one you don't like. I do that all the time. Simple enough.
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I just ordered size 33.
Guess I was imagining , the thavar 880m size 32 was good, 33 was a little bit saggy.
I tried some stretch thanaz and 32 was fine.
I guess the 887k will be fine.
Thanks for the help!
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Be sure to post fit pics!!!!

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Originally Posted by Dieselicious View Post

Just order both sizes and return the one you don't like. I do that all the time. Simple enough.

agreed plus if the size difference isnt major you can go with the better wash!

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IMO th 887K is the superior wash

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