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Diesel Ruky 8ss sizing???

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Hi guys just dying to buy a pair of diesel ruky 8ss, Im a size 27 in diesel zaf 796 and size 28 in diesel zatahn 8BE both are super tight until  broken in, what size diesel ruky 8ss do i go any help will be fantastic thankyou

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Hay i dont have the the option to visit a diesel store since the closest store is like a 6 hour plane flight,any help will be appreciated

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All I can tell you is that Zathan 8SS was a size smaller for me around the waist. It might be different for Ruky.

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thanks for the reply,im thinking about goin with the size 28 i have heard that ruky fit tighter around the waist compared with zaf in the same size,has anyone else have anymore info????

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