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Shopping for Jeans Online

Poll Results: How often do you find yourself returning jeans bought online for fit related reasons?

  • 60% (3)
    Almost never
  • 20% (1)
    About 50% of the time
  • 20% (1)
    Almost always
  • 0% (0)
    I no longer purchase jeans online
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Hey Denim Blog Community!


I was wondering if I could get your opinion on how you guys buy jeans online. It can be extremely difficult to match the size of one brand to another and find that they both fit perfectly.


With the fit varying between brands, how do you purchase jeans online with confidence they will fit the way you expect them to? Do you know of any websites that help simplify purchasing jeans online or have better prices than competitors?


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)

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hi and welcome! We are glad to have you here. Please see rules about promoting your webpage on this forum. If you want to advertise with us then please let us know!

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I educate myself on how various cuts and washes run compared to the true-to-size mathematical formulas I've derived from years of selling denim (and cycling through several sizes myself in a bid to lose weight). Most of the time, I do my research before buying (unless it's just a really great deal and I hit the trigger finger). I never, ever return due to fit reasons, unless for some reason the seller screwed up the inseam measurement and they're too short (and if they're too short for me, I won't be able to get much money by reselling them, because I have midget legs). Otherwise, I suck it up and resell.

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I spent 2011 ordering hundreds of pairs of jeans online and hardly any fitted - unless you know your exact size in the brand you're ordering it's very risky, as all brands are cut differently..

Unless you're totally cut off from all shops, I'd recommend trying them on first - it costs a fortune to return them internationally if they don't fit.
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