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Excellent purchase aahz! I love this jacket but it came out after I got the tricky. I'm very very jealous! icon_smile.gif
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bought this jacket on sale at asos



the flash makes it look like crap lol



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Hey guys curious question..looking to buy some fitted plain black/white/grey t-shirts; do you know the best ones that don't tend to lose shape..



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Zara super slim tees are the best value and hold their shape really well. But size up coz they are very fitted.
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Cheers man
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Another old pair.. Safado 08YD strange cut in these, there like Shioner.. Nothing like the new safado's

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ophs posted wrong place...:-/

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Hahah! Very funny! icon_wink.gif
Having said that, that tee is nice.

Thanks guys!!!

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Bought the much criticized Thavar 807J, and DBG Excess-NP Silver Jeans.

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bought far too much in the All Saints Sale, some new DBG  and new Thanaz and Shioner + 2 new pairs of boots...  Pics to follow. 

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I'm proud of ya PBJUK. No such thing as spending too much on nice clothes.
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your not wrong Phukette, All saints purchase includes the Denim Jacket ive had my eye on for weeks, tried in on in London on Sat and loved it... so purchased it.  not that it was in the sale, but i really loved it.  


Also got the Stenbury Leather Jacket , Kensai Bomber Rust Jacket, Detect Boots which were all in the sale. 

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Phukette, your RI chukkas have removale insoels?

How about Diesel shoes?

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PB you got some nice stuff! How do you find the kensai? I've had my eye on it for a whike now. I got the cecil cardigan and gran dad knits, trinity tonic in charcoal, two spider V-Tee and and I'm waiting for the ruin leather shirt to go on sale. Ted Baker sale tomorrow as well.
Ronlol, my RI chukkas and my kunha boots have removable soles but I'm not sure bout the rest. I'm almost certain that the chrom-hi and stills boots don't though.
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Love it John .. Really good fit and looks great with jeans... Also bought this new ted Baker blazer in the ted baker online sale ... At nearly 50% off looks fab !!!

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Success!! Ted baker cardigan and polo and Thavar 8880M in the bag. A good trip to the sales methinks!
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Nice, you're going to love those 8880M's.

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Cool purchases phukette
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I just tried the 8880M and they run kinda tight for a lyocell wash. Gonna wear them in for a couple of days! Must be all the turkey and mince pies actually!
Also just picked a pair of G-Star bronson slim chinos for a paltry €35! Steal!
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Phukette, How much Did you pay for the 8880m? Did you size down or took 32?
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I took a size 32 but the material is light so it'll stretch a bit and fit perfectly in a couple of wears. Bought them from diesel_jeans_1978 on eBay. Fantastic service and I got them really quick.
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Lets see pix then Phukette!
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They will loosen up. No worries.
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I guess you havent received my message,
dress for less site is on 60% sitewide but they removed ss12 and fw12/13, for a few hours you could find krooley 804j for 90€ and and thavar 8880m on size 32 for 80€, I knew you were looking for them and send through the iPhone a message with the link.
After couple of hours I checked my sent messages and it was empty, And the jeans was already off, so I didn't even bother.
Oh well...
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Ah well that's a shame but no harm, I'm happy with them even if they were a little pricey. I wanted a skinny replacement for my 880I and they're a little lighter but the wash has more details and a lot nicer than I thought they'd be.
Lee, pics to follow, still in town having a bite and a few jars. It's hard work going around all these sales!!
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