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Looking good raj! Love the wash. I got it in Darron on Friday and it's so cool!! It think I'm done with blue jeans for this season, thavar 802K, thanaz 804M and shioner 802H next. The only blue wash that might turn my head might be krooley 801N. You have this wash, is it worth it?
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great, Raj.

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Thanks guys! Yes 801N are totally worth it!


My most favourite jeans from this season from top to bottom in order of preference would be-

Viker-r-box 801N

Viker 803W

Darron 803S

Safado 804k
Shioner 801A

Thavar 801D
Shioner 805A

Shioner 804H

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Hmmm...interesting concept. My favourites would be from top to bottom:
1: Darron 803W
2: Shioner 805A
3: Shioner 801A
4: Thanaz 660Q
5: Tepphar 804K
6: Thavar 801C
7: Iakop 801B
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Next buys would be braddom 75J, thavar 802J, braddom 804Z, thanaz 804M and safado 801d red. I probably would have put 803S on the top had they been in Vikers! I think it's one wash that no diesel fan should miss!
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Phukette you should make a review or at least post some fit pics of the 803w. I've been dying to see those jeans irl : )

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Just thavar 802K, shioner 804H and thanaz 804M left for me. But maybe krooley 801N. But they are crazy expensive.
@arschloch, I just don't have time to do fit pics. Maybe over the next few days.
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Hey Raj .. good choices .. viker r box is a good cut on me and I think 801N is a really nice wash

If u own a pair please post some fitting pic

I like the 803S wash but the pic u post wasnt clear. Can I see another shot for the jeans

Is this wash available in another cut ?

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I like viker-r-box of all the cuts. When I first saw 801N picture, color so washed out and bright, thought wow. Then when saw in Diesel store, it's opposite, dull and unimpressive. For $400 price, simply laughable.


Not sure what so unique about it that they are the highest priced item of the season. Is Diesel released any similar or higher priced items before (other than DBG) ?

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Check the 1st and 2nd pages of this thread for the 801N. Here you go for the 803S :)



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And here are Shioner 804H for anyone who wishes to see them.


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Wow shioner 804h really suprised me. They looked really good.

They look like they run pretty small for their size. How the material? thick and stiff or thin?

Dammit another jeans in my list!

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Denim is pretty thin (thinner than I expected). I prefer my jeans fitted so they fit just perfect for me.
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They run small or should I size down since they thin?
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any pics for the crazy 8BT? haha

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Don't size down. Get your usual size.
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raj you should take more pictures of your washes like that. makes it much easier to see all the details that way.

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I know! I'm gonna make a super-thread that contains pics of all the jeans from the F/W collection I possess!

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please do! that'd be awesome!!!

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thank you Raj (:

the 801N is amazing. I tried them on Krooley but its not my cut.

I think they are expensive because the color contrast and mix is harder to pull off more than the other washes.

Beside the material is good.

I would really like to get the in viker-r-box.

About the 803S they looks amazing. Loving the little details but unfortunately Darron doesnt look good on me ( too baggy )

is that wash available in another cut ??

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No prob! I agree about the 801N. They are not dull at all. You need good lighting to see details on any jeans and they're contrasty enough to look good even in not-so-perfect lighting.
803S is also available in New-Fanker.
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Tepphar 8w3 30/30 for 30€ :P

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Originally Posted by hlamich View Post

I just get this today. http://www.aukcjoner.pl/gallery/010441740-.html#I1

Love them! Great purchase!

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