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What's your latest purchase? (Pics required) - Page 134

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Ralph Lauren reversible bomber jacket...

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bottle green Tossik tee, this I will keep





Thalia jacket, not sure if I keep it, it seems short even it's biker style

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Nice Tee. You can tell more on the green tee that the jacket is short. Arm length looks good.

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green tee is a bit longer actually (not long but longer, maybe it will shorten a bit after wash). and I changed green tee with light grey one to see contrast more.



asos pictures

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Beautiful jacket. So are you going to keep it ?

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depends... :-) need more opinions or maybe I'm not used to wear moto style jackets only :-)

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Fits great from what I can see. Definitely not too short, in fact Diesel jackets often seem to be a bit lomger than other brands, which is a good thing, unless you like the matador look...
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Jacket fits fine, not too short at all. It looks shorter if the shirt inside runs super long. Keep the length like the white shirt, it will be ok.
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Great look!  What jean wash are you wearing?  They look very nice?

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Hi, thanks! It's Thavar 811P and bad light conditions :-)

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Went on a bit overboard today at San Jose especially just picked up that Hamilton watch.... But got a Parka from Scotch and Soda, inspired by DA, pair of Vans, uniqlo flannel shirt and pair of Diesel Narrot 600v joggs.... Diesel store actually price matched on line sale so that's pretty damn awesome of them.
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Great buy's DC. They look very nice.

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its my bday today and i treated myself with a pair of khaki-brown chi-dee since the online sale ends today. 

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Nice buy! And happy birthday mate. Hope you have a good one!
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@audit30 Happy Birthday!

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Happy B'day Mate :)

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Nice Audit happy birthday... I love my chi dee.. Enjoy them!!
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Happy bday man! You will have a nice birthday package going your way soon. Haha
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thanks guys!

@Dieselicious lol yeah, cant wait :D 

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updating what i bought recently:

thavar 880i, scotch & soda floral shirt, castaner espadrilles (will post pics of this outfit later)

chi-dee as mentioned above

thavar 8x2 (will post pics of it later)

several shirts from Allsaints i bought on ebay (you cant have enough shirts, especially when they come with patterns etc which i just love) (pics of these to follow as well)

and waiting a huge parcel from the best proxy in the world (dieselicious ) lol with:

thavar 829B
Shioner 817H (thanks to DC)
thavar 816K
Shioner 801A

blue scotch soda swimshorts (i know the season is ending but i wanted to make sure id have this colour)
laceless JV converse

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Audit you're re building quite a collection there... glad that 817H is on the list... can't wait to see them in action shortly.

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@Denim Collector only after selling almost all of my jeans which were W31...all of the jeans ive bought in the past 2 months are W29 and my joggs are W30.

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Audit30, Can you post some pics of thavar 880i, including fit pics?
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forgot to add 608T, 830P and 828T in my recent purchases :P

@rcom440 sure, i will in a bit. its the best light wash ive owned but just a bit heavy for now. 

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@rcom440 here are the photos of 880i.


my pair of 8x2. nothing too special in terms of colour but still a classic wash

and the Allsaints shirts i got from ebay. sorry for the crappy quality of the photo

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