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^^ those are pretty cool!

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Was fairly tempted by those myself but couldn't justify the price tag!

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Krooley 811p, bought last week


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Originally Posted by nickma View Post

Krooley 811p, bought last week

Where did you get them from nickma? And how much?
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On China's "ebay": taobao.com. The seller is from Taiwan. Cost me about 180 US dollars.

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Preparing Vacations 


Krooley 0600V Jogg Jeans

Diesel Coralrif swim short

Diesel Petersy swim trunk


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love krooley 600v..... looks like you'll be rocking them w/ flip flops instead of shoes for your vacation!

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My new Clarks desert boots :D

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Yes @denimcollector! Some nights Whit Splish flip flops because the weather. caribbean coast is Very hot, so mostly I'll be in beachwear
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Tepphar 824B ... Got a steal on Cultizm w/ coupons and they actually did not charge me any customs :)





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nice wash

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My Latest purchases while i was travelling around INDIA. Both pairs of jeans fit true to size.


Thanaz 813Z



Thavar 826D



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Just got these. Not Diesel, not clothing. It's rather intimate but anyway. They look good and they fit amazingly comfortable.


Calvin Klein Concept Low Rise Boxers



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I just bought thavar 829b with 20% off, i excited how the jeans look in real
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but isn't diesel online store now offering 30% off?

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20% europe and 30% usa

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oh i see..... i'm tempted right now... $265usd...

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That's a great deal DC, go for it
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@denim addict post of fit pics of those thanaz, i was so tempted to get those last season, probably going to regret not, they look great!

not my latest purchase, but latest arrival in the mail!


thanaz 888Q

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couldn't do the 829b..... spent the $$$ on the wife instead this time.. got her pair of Fayza NE 604N Jogg jeans.



hopefully they look as cool on her as this model pix!

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Wow, such altruistic manner... You're an excellent husband! ;D

If you find it suitable, you may post some fit pics! icon_smile.gif

Glorious, you have a beautiful cat! icon_biggrin.gif
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Wore my thavar 829b a couple times & noticed they bleed. My hands were blue every time haha anyone else have that problem? It's the first pair I've had where the color bled. I decided to hand wash them carefully to hopefully fix the problem.
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They do??

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Went on a spring shopping spree yesterday.


Tepphar 827I

Sleenker 824P

Joggjeans Thavar 603L



Nudie Thin Finn Allen replica




Sonora shirt




I guess Aramis is to blame for inspiring me to get the Sleenker 824P :):



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