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@ Audit30 Nice 888P. Great fit too. Did you get them from yoox ? they look similar pair to mine which i got from yoox.

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@denim addict, no unfortunately yoox doesnt have 30L so i had to buy them from that guy on ebay whos selling several sizes in 30L on ebay, i had them delivered to Dieselicious and then he shipped them to me. lol. this pair has been through quite a trip :P but i really needed to have this wash in the correct size. i have them in 32x30 which im selling now but they were too loose since ive lost like 8kgs from when i had bought them. 

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@ Audit30 31 x 30 looks perfect. 888p is my fav pair. Its just amazing to look at. on a sunny day they look even better icon_smile.gif

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i totally agree. its one of my favourite pairs. i cant wait for the weather to become colder so i can wear every one of my jeans during the morning. right now i can only manage to wear jeans that have thinner fabric and only at night when its colder.

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Very nice dude
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thanks bro! 

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@ audit30,

Definitely do some outside photo of 888p, the colors will just pop.
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@audit30 - I saw the thavar 813L on diesel online UK.

you take your normal size?

It's amazing wash, so special!!

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@Dieselicious will try to take one soon man icon_biggrin.gif thanks!

@Shlomi i got my usual size but it does feel a bit larger. I dont know if its because i bought it a bit used or if it runs larger in general. But i like how it fits!
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thanaz 74k

thavar 886b

dbg excess 8bt

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Originally Posted by gloriouscafe View Post


dbg excess 8bt

where did you get them?

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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

where did you get them?


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you're lucky)

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Some Diesel, since back from hols. :) black tepphar 886z, i think thats the wash.


ps. also picked up krooley 811P.

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Great purchases Zodiac!

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Hey guys, just got these in the mail... 

Viker 885S

Krooley 802D

Krooley 0888B

Diesel Happy Hour Lounge 


So Happy with these 071.gif









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I went on a shopping spree in Amsterdam today, so I got some really cool jeans and a basic t-shirt from Replay.



Just got a Diesel Krayver 818D.





Energie Cuff Clean F/W 2013





Replay basic tee



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Very nice man, hows the fit on those krayvers?
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Fit kind of strange actually. They have a little deep waist compared to a Shioner. And they are a bit lose on the thighs(what i actually wanted). But they are actually great jeans.

I thought they were more grey when getting them in the store but they turned to be a bit blue-ishy - grey. I also think that the fabric will stretch out a bit(waist and thighs) So yeah.

Im very happy with my purchase :)

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just got my thanaz 74k today

sized up, waist is loose, but thighs are still really snug! 







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Nice purchase on the 74K congratulations :). Fit pics ?

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Originally Posted by denim addict View Post

. Fit pics ?


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Just received krooley 882D from ebay for just 50e lol. man these are super soft and thin. i wear 30 in krooleys and these are 29!!!
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Excess-NT 8ML

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Originally Posted by Dieselicious View Post

Excess-NT 8ML

wow. Where did you get them?

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