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Eric, they are super comfy~!  Mainly got them because of the sale!

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Krooley 801n, I bought it on ebay. Fits perfectly.
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Looking good Marcscalper, and Welcome.


I'm taking a hold on my own jean purchases, but revamping the Ms.  picked up pair of J Brand 811 skinny ankle jeans for her. getting ready for spring/summer.




photo from Denimology.  I know these are probably from S/S 2011 but I still dig them.

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Hi all, this is my first post here, so nice to meet you all :)

I'm French, so I apologize if some mistakes slips through my fingers.

And now to the point, Safado 885R 32x32 and Safado 801D Grey (W 32)




Be carefull for you tall guys out there, 801D inseam feels very much more like a 30 than a 32

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Although the weather is absolutely rubbish in the UK at the moment I still can't help buying summery stuff, lol. This time its Larkees in the 0805B wash.



sCore Clothing again! What do you guys think?

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Just got my new Thavar 811P 29x32 (my first Blue Eyecon). It's awesome! :D and also i put some pics of my last Diesel belt purchased.







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Finaly got them. Thavar 888p


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Originally Posted by vlcisko View Post

Finaly got them. Thavar 888p


nice. from ebay?

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Yes, from Style Centre

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went to a Diesel outlet sale happening this weekend, these guys came from Montreal.  maybe Diesel distribution headquarters?  anyhow only notable jean to mention available is Tepphar 881w, for about $90.  they have bunch of other things for $10-$20 which is pretty crazy deal...  I got the Ms pair of diesel jean shorts for $10 and DBG t-shirt for $20.


I myself picked up Leather jacket ($156) and jean jacket ($90).  The leather jacket is apparently an Amsterdam brand.. you guys heard of these guys before, Scotch and Soda?



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I love scoth and soda! Just bought a jacket from them actually.
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Scotch and Soda is another great brand, I love there shirts, especially there SS13 line, the floral prints are great, there pants run a bit loose, but there shirts are too legit!  Great picks ups collector!

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Yea, scotch and soda are awesome. Great leather and shirts. 

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Nice!! congrats on the great buy!! I am waiting for the sun to bust mine out.

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Love that Scotch and Soda leather jacket, very nice.

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massive ;))

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check my ads, selling very nice made in italy diesel belts


regarding scotch and soda brand : their cargo shorts are topnotch for summer. i wear 'hem every summer in saint-tropez, but sometimes i prefer a pair of cut off denim shorts : levis or ralph lauren

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Been a while and thought I would treat myself:) 



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What boots are they realdeal? They're very like my allsaints range boots. Super nice!

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Originally Posted by zdenal_cz View Post


Great! I also want to upgrade my hardware) for the new version of GTA

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Originally Posted by Shlomi27 View Post







perfect version

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Kind of new brand been following them for a while...all their leather boots/clothing is top draw.


Cost some bank and i'm worth it :) 





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