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What's your latest purchase? (Pics required)

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I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated thread where we could post our latest purchases.My latest purchases are two pairs of Dsquared jeans:


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)







I will post real picture as soon as I receive them.

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good idea. I like the first pair but the second is too plain imo. post fit pics when they arrive. I made this thread into a sticky. Good job!

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I know but I got both 30% off so I think this is a pretty good deal,instead of paying 700 euros I paid 510.PM me if you want the 30% off code on Dsquared.com .

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Im more of a Dior Homme guy. I just spent a bunch of money on the luisaviaroma sale anyways so Im done buying for a little bit!

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Haha same here,I'm broke now.I didn't know there was a sale on luisaviaroma,I need to subscribe again to the newsletter .

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Good to see another Dsquared fan! Will probably get the paint splattered jeans and some shirts from the SS collection. FW has a whole lot more stuff that I like!

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Just in :


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)








The t-shirts were bought from Harrods.com ,very nice packaging and the Dsquared pair of jeans were ordered from Dsquared.com 2 weeks ago.Sorry for the bad quality of the pics.

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very nice. I almost bought that top shirt. Also, we need fit pics of the jeans!

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Dsquared jeans are cool. Do wear the slim fitted jeans?? If yes how big is the hem in cm or inches?
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They are Cool Guy Slim Fit so yes,the jeans are slim ,the hem is 32cm .I will take new pics of them soon icon_biggrin.gif.

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Thanaz 8880N


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Braddom 660R. I'm in love!



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fit pics!!!

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Thavar 801D




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Viker-r-box 801N


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Originally Posted by Raj Hardia View Post

Thavar 801D

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Not a fa of the 801D. Nothing personal bro. But 801N looks amazeballs.
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Yeah they are amazing, even fit wise (more like a viker 8i9 and slimmer than the viker-r-box 8Y0)! They're probably one of the best fitting jeans on me if not the best! I don't know how the these in Krooleys would fit but if you ask me I'd certainly recommend getting these over Krooley! And the 801D (pistachio green) came a little too oversaturated in the pictures, IRL they're a more practical sand colour!

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raj can you please please please post fit pics or at least more pics of 801n? like details of the legs and stuff? this is my fav wash from the season but $400 is a little too much for me to pull the trigger right now!

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Originally Posted by Raj Hardia View Post

Viker-r-box 801N


What size are you?

Im wanna buy the viker R box 887k and afraid it wont be slimmer enough.(At least like darron, not like safado)

Is that wash is slimmer than usual viker r box fit?

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@freeradical- Will do man.
@ronlol- I'm a size 34. They're definitely slimmer than my other Viker-r-box(s). Smaller on the waist but nothing uncomfortable.
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Hey guys! Fit pics please;)))

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Yea can't wait for Thavar fitpics.
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Color seems to change depending on lighting. Middle pic is from outdoor so should be most accurate.



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Very nice bilibili. My thavar 801C and shioner 801A arrived and they are so beautiful I could weep. Pure stunning especially the 801C. It's like a mix of 881Z dye process with 8MZ colouring and 8X2 dirtiness. Stunning. Fit pics and review tomorrow.
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