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Is this fake?

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I bought this Diesel last week and it seems fake to me. It's a size 29W and I've always had sizes 27W(cargo or pants) and 28W(jeans). Not to say that even being 29W this pair doesn't fit me at all. The label stitched on the inside is not there, and the 3 tags seem poorly printed. This is the first time I haven't bought it straight from a Diesel store.


Thank you all for your help.


photo 1-1.JPGphoto 1.JPGphoto 2-1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3-1.JPGphoto 3.JPGphoto 4-1.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 5-1.JPGphoto 5.JPG

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they are real. 

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yes, real Revick (maybe fashion pants)

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Could they have a wrong size printed? This is so much smaller than other real pairs that I own and have gotten them at Diesel Stores.

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