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Hi everyone,


I have been a long time reader of this sit and firgured that it was way past due for me to become a member. My name is Scott and I am from Ohio in the United States. I am a denim lover and am always in search for that perfect pair of jeans whether they be mens or womens. I am a bit obsessed with denim and am looking to meet some people with like interests and would just love to meet a pretty lady that knows her jeans and knows how to wear them!!!!


I am always up for recieving suggestions and style tips for very slim guys.  I have had enough of the sloppy baggy look and the standard norm of dressing around my area and I am looking to seperate myself from the rest and hopefully introduce a bit of fashion around this boring place I am from. Everyone seems to look and dress the same and it almost makes me feel penned up and forced to follow the social norm.


Anyway, I could go on and on......It is nice to meet everyone and I hope to have many great conversations with all of you as well as take part in all of the different forums.

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welcome! What brands are you interested in? I am also from a boring fashion place and I wear clothes that are very different from the social norm in my area. Anyways be the one to bring some flavor to your area. Great denim brands to look into are Diesel and Dior Homme.

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Thank you!!!  The brands that I am most into right now are 7 For All Mankind (always my go to brand), J brand, Citizens of Humanity, and Paige Jeans. I have looked into Diesel for jeans because they make jeans for really slim guys and I have also looked into Doir. Doir is just way way way more that i want to spend on one pair of jeans and as for Diesel there is just something about them that I just dont like. I think that I just do not like how they look and fit on me.  To top it off I am very picky about the rise on most guy jeans. It just always seem way to high for my liking and I really dont like anything over an 8 1/2 to 9 inch rise.  For some reason I just feel like anything higher just creates that droopy drawers kind of look on me.


I have ventured over to the womens jeans and I seem to like the fit of them a lot more but again, certain styles and rise measurements become and issue.  I have found 7's and J brands to work out great for me because both brands have jeans with a more than 3 inch zipper. The super tiny zippers just look bad and dont leave any room. i have read a lot of the forums about guys wearing womens jeans and have found a lot of the comments to just be misleading and ignorant. Unless you have male parts that are 9 inches or more then most guys have plenty of room to fit in womens jeans. Plus they are made with stretch so there really isnt any discomfort. 


I am not hear to start agruements and debates on these issues but merly to talk about different styles, share stories and experiences, and hopefully learn more about the endless sellection of designer denim.


I will admitt that I have been very self conscious about wearing womens jeans just because like you said, dressing different that the norm makes you stand out in a crowd. I dont mind being the one standing out at all but sometimes my self conscious gets the best of me. I own regular bootcut 7's, straight leg 7's, J brand straight and Pencil, and a few pairs of Citizens most of which are girls jeans and vary in size and fit from fitted to tight to tighter. The way i dress all depends on my mood, where i am going, and what i am doing.


Hopefully I will be able to gain enough confidence to post a bunt of pictures for feedback.  I just recently did a huge style change after being inspired by a denim blogger and with her suggestions just recently bought the majority of the jeans I just listed.  I am looking to add a pair or 2 of Paige Jeans to the collection but I am waiting until i learn more about the different styles and what will work best for me.  I have found it very hard to find such slim fitting jeans in longer lengths without having to completely break the band on one pair.


I am happy to finally be part of this awesome forum and look forward to future conversations.

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Welcome my friend!! All sorts are welcome here!! Be sure to post pics! The only reason the whole men wearing women's jeans was so contentious here was the people had a touch of an attitude about it but you seem up front cool about it so it's all good with me so long as its as good with you!!
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Thanks for the welcome Phukette.


The way i see it is they are just jeans. Its not like a dress or mini skirt or something, right!!! Anyway, this forum seems to be way more than just about that. I am just one of many who love denim and fashion and all of the designers and brand on the market.  I feel like i could talk about jeans all day everyday and still never come close to learning and knowing everything.


I joined this forum to meet liek miding people and to gather suggestion and advice. For me to think something looks good on me is one thing but it is alway 100 times better to get other peoples impute and opinion.


You are right, I am a ver laid back easy going and friendly person. I hate confrontation and arguing and everything that comes with it.


I am excited to have recieved such a warm welcome as a new member so far.  I am sure that I will break down and post pictures sooner or later.  Heck, thats what this is all about and i cant get feedback unless people have something to look at and give feedback on. 

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Originally Posted by Beats79 View Post


I Unless you have male parts that are 9 inches or more then most guys have plenty of room to fit in womens jeans. Plus they are made with stretch so there really isnt any discomfort. 


Im not bragging but my piece doesnt fit into womens jeans. haha.

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I guess it is what just suits me best. I have tried a ton of different brands or at least one that arnt over $220 or a so and it just seems that is what works best for me. Hopefully i will find a place near me that actually sells Diesel so I can try on what they have and see if I like them better. I guess I could always order some online and play the oder and send back and order again game until i find the right size.


Jeanetic....You seem to be a Diesel fan and know a lot about the different fits they offer. What do you suggest I try. I have been told they have fits for slim guys and to be honest if i could find mens jeans from there that I like i would be all for it. I am not sure why i havent looked into it more. I dont know if it was something about the designs of diesel that i didnt like or what. I just really cant say because I havent had the chance to try them.


I got fed up with searching and searching and told myself that there is no way I am waisting money on off brands or the social norm worn jeans where i am from. It is flooded with nothing but American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie. I am hooked on designer denim because as you know, it is way nicer than the standard cheap denim.  I didnt like they way the mens denim fit in most of the designer brands I tried so I took the suggestion of a fellow denim blogger and tried the womens fits. I dont buy the fits with low low rises because for one it looks tacky and for two, like you made reference to, it doesnt leave much room. 


I am not going to get into a debate over packages sizes and blah blah blah. If you are one of those who cant fit then more power to you and god granted you with a great above average gift.  And i didnt just run out and start buying up the first pairs that I tried. I looked around and tried on many after many different brand and fits until i found the ones that worked best for me. I am very picky on how my denim both fits and looks and there is no way that i would run around in denim that my piece looks like it is busting out of.


I am open to any and all suggestions.  Thats why i joined this blog site to begin with. To learn more about denim, share my take on certain brands and fits and so on. I made reference to what I already have and what I have tried. I also plan to post picture of my denim collection and hope to get feedback whether it be postive or negative but at the same time I will not listen to others ridicule, or post smart comments concering what works for someone and what someone likes. Works for someone may not work someone else. What someone likes may not be the same as what another likes. To each thier own. If something isnt liked, then so and explain. Im not looking to spend my time on this blog stight trying to argue and defend what I found works best for me. I am hear to make contacts and friends with like minded people.


Dont take this as me trying to get smarts or throw attitude your way. i am just trying to explain my position in the nicest way possible without stepping on anyones toes.

Anyway, thanks for your welcome on this site. I look forward to hearing more of you suggestions in the future and hopefully i will be able to become a diesel fan at the same time.

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No need to get defensive before anyone has said anything man! I don't know what experience you've had at other sites but people don't do that ridiculing stuff here. It's a pretty tight knit group and everyone respects everyone. All criticism given here is constructive. Anyways we don't take life too seriously here so just be easy and post all the pics you'd like! We'd love to see them.
Thavar is my favorite skinny diesel cut, you may also like Thanaz, Shioner, Darron, and Safado
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Welcome Scott!

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Thanks for the welcome Jennifer!!! I am excited to be a new member of this site.

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.Didnt meant to get defensive or for it to sound like i was. I am sorry if it sounded like i was. In ference to past blog site, I have seem a lot of the other people making masty comments and it gets a bit old. These comments were not directed towards me but other people. I would much rather read about constructive comments but I am able to joke and have fun at the same time. So no worries there. I am glad to hear that this site is made oup of such a close knit group of people. I feel like those that are demin snobs are an elite group of people and more and more people need to start entering into this world. Or enter into the dark side as some call it!!!


Thanks for the suggestions on the different diesel fits. I am hoping that I get the chance to finally try a few of them. I am sure that once I do and find a pair that i like, I will be hooked!!!

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no problem my friend. Please become active in posting! We are glafd to have you!

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hey Scott welcome to the site!

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