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most hated diesel cut?

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So i was thinking this morning that the cut i hate the most and wish diesel would stop making is SAFADO!  yes i said it. there are so many cool washes that come out for that cut, but try as i might and trust me i've tried. i can not make that cut work for the life of me.  because viker is my favorite it seems to be diesel's thinking 'oh we only need to release this wash on one straight leg cut, let's do safado"  there are no details to this cut that i like and it'd easily be the one i'd pick if it were my choice to retire a diesel cut.  what about ya'll?  sorry for the hate. must just be one of those mornings >:)

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Safado is great. I just wish it'd get some standard washes that aren't ugly. Seems to just get the high end ones and horrible tacky ones.


I would say my least favourite would be something like Krooley, just because of the shape.

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I love Safado. My favourite are my 880i. My least favourite are Krooley, Darron or Braddom. I just don't like the cuts of any of them to be honest. Actually Narrot needs to be burned too!
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uh yeah NARROT!!! Safado is my wife's fav but I just get mine turned in to thavars anyways. My other least fav is Larkee or Viker

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i would have thought yours would be zathan or zatiny for sure jeanetic!

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Narrot is horrible. Safado looks really well in some people, my GF loves them on me too and levislad and jeanetic always rock their safados. Oh and relentless. But some cuts just ain't for everybody. But for me narrot and that new cut bravefart or whatever it's called should be burned.
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yes bravefart is the worst ever

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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

i would have thought yours would be zathan or zatiny for sure jeanetic!

yeah I though about that but I would wear them before the others I mentioned. I am taking Viker of fthat list though. I would wear Viker over Zatiny or Zathan anyday

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I would have to say Safado would be the most disappointing for me.  Apart from my Safado 886p, all my other safado's are a horrible fit.  Safado don't seem to fit fuller figure guys with a backside too well  - which is disappointing because Safado is one of the cuts that get the good washes and that is why they are so disappointing to me.  Narrot just look completely stupid imo!  My favourite cuts are viker-r-box, viker, larkee and zatiny.  I'm hoping that new-fanker will be ok too as i've just purchased the 801B.  I think the answer to this question depends on the person's build.  I wish I could pull off some of the skinnier cuts (thavar, darron, shioner etc) like alot of you guys do!

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Did you order the New-Fanker 801B online? If so, would you be kind enough to post fit pics please. Thanks,

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The cuts i hate most is narrot, zatiny and tepphar:P

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thavar thanaz and this is the best cuts diesel. but in recent years Diesel has forgotten about tanaz. and he wants us all to thavar, producing the best washes thavars

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Hate viker coz of shallow pocket. I can't see the difference in the cuts on me otherwise. Only thing I can feel is thanaz and thavar are tight on my calves. rolleyes.gif
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Darron has to be the most disappointing cut for me. It's like wearing a pair of pants! Most hated cut is Larkee though it's cousin Larkee-T has a much flattering fit! Also I will never buy Krooley again!
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Originally Posted by jeanetic View Post

yes bravefart is the worst ever


"When a person has the turtle head and no toilet facilities are in the nearby vicinity, a person may fart to free up vital bowel space, buying time until the nearest toilet is reached. On expulsion of gas, a yell of “Freedom” may be proclaimed: only if soiling the pants is sucessfully avoided."
Yes.. I googled it. Freedom!
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lol..that is what comes up under "bravehart" (WITH AN F OF COURSE)?

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Yes, the bravest fart of all. hahaha.

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