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20120604_173842.jpg20120604_173827.jpg  Has anybody ever seen this price tag? are they real??

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they look okay from here but you generally cant determine authenticity from one photo taken from the ankles. Give me better pics of the front and back and tags

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I have 2 new pics under my acccount under avaitar pics....
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You keep covering up everything I need to authenticate it, Get the price tag out of the way. Give me a shot from the front without covering the coin pocket. Give me a straight on (not sideways) view of the back pockets. Give me pics of the inside tags as well. The price tag has nothing to do with authenticity. Some stores will put their own hang tags anyways. What matters are the tags on the jeans waistband

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I can't see very well from the pics, but the font on the price sticker doesn't look right to me :( (I did yearbook staff back in the day, so I notice fonts...) can we see a picture of the butt, with the pockets and back label visible?

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