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Tepphar 8Y0 Sizing

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Could anybody tell me how Tepphar 8Y0 compares to Thavar and Thanaz sizing-wise? I wear a 29 in Thavar and either a 28 or 29 in Thanaz, depending on the wash.  Should I go with a 29 in Tepphar, also?


29 in Thavar 886b

29 in Thavar 8W7

29 in Thavar 8AA

30 in Thavar 8X2

28 in Thanaz 8PI

28 in Thanaz 8B9

28 in Thanaz 89S

28 in Thavar 880G (though, a 29 would be more comfortable)



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even 30w will work for you. your sizing lineup is near identical to mine and i got the 8y0 in a 30. the waist is identical to my 29w 8X2 and slimmer than my 28w 8W3. the waist on these DEFINITELY run small so size up rather than down. you can easily go with your regular size but they will be slimmer than you think.

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Yep, all your sizes are also like mine. 29 or 30w would be good. I would go for 30w, altho it (my 30w) fitted good on my waist and upper legs, under the knees it was too tight.
But as autodafe said, you won't have any problem with 29w, but overall it will be tighter than you expect. For 30w only under the knees will be tight.
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