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Ebay question

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Hey guys I have a question. I sold something on ebay, the buyer is from Israel, 0 feedback, just registered. He has a really weird address (ebay and paypal address), which you gives you not alot of results on google or maps. I managed some how to get an address which looks like the address the buyer has on his paypal (You write it completely different, but it is pronounced the same).

Should I send the jeans or not? I already emailed him 3 times to his ebay account and email address, no response at al.....

And if I cancel it, can he give me a negative feedback? I will return his money..
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Just ensure you are okay under PayPal seller protection guidelines. Yes he can leave neg feedback. If you cancel the transaction and then he still leaves neg eBay may remove it if you ask them. Its a calculated risk though.
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There is an issue if the item is over $250, you need to send it with signature required if possible, otherwise you will not be covered under Paypal Seller Protection. It's really weird he's not responding to you, seems kinda fishy.. but yeah the crappy thing about eBay is that as a seller you are liable for negatives no matter what.

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I always send with signature requirement and track & trace..
What I can do to write the address he gave me and the one I found on google maps.... btw google maps doesn't give me accurate location since the maps isn't as detailed as maps for US or europe.
Dunno, a street called "p.b" doesn't sound good icon_razz.gif

What do you recommend, send or not? Thing is I'm afraid that they can't deliver it and the package get lost, with the t&t code saying "In process" for ever. The package is insured, but it takes a long time to get my money back. Or will paypal pay for the lost package?
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Send to the adress confirmed by paypal and did you charge highly enough for shipping? Make sure you use a trackable service and don't worry about the rest. Signature is required if you received more than $250 as payment, but that would mean Express USPS which is the most expensive.

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damn so much trouble... I've been doing eBay for about 10 yrs and they have changed a lot, majorily worse for the seller.


like what Jeanetic & Rizzice said, you'll definitely need to ship it registered w/ tracking and insurance.. and if lost you will need to spend time to claim it and stuff.. which is why most people don't sell to those countries...


you can try to cancel the bid and refund him now and sell again.  Unless he paid top dollars for your jeans and shipping?  then in that case you can take a calculated risk... keep us posted!

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Yeah, I received the payment + full shipping costs, 80eu+25eu shipping. signature+t&t+500insurance. I don't understand why someone would buy something, pay and not response to emails...

Claiming it is, like you said, a hassle... and I read on internet it's a quite long process.

Btw, another question. If I send something but the package didn't arrive within a week, when it was supposed to arrive within 3 days. Can the buyer get his money back after 1 week? and then receive the package after 3 weeks (that happens sometimes), so I can't claim it and I lost my item and I lost the money. Is this scenario possible?
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I think this one depends on your country's post.


for Canada Post, if you send it insured and guarantee delivery and it didn't deliver on time, you call them to get your money back.  If it arrives then i guess its a free shipment.  but again this would depend on the courier service you choose.

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The thing is that the buyer might not be understanding your mails... Not sure about your country's postal service but there has to be an estimate when the service is trackable and paypal will definitely consider that. Usually deliveries that take as much time should be avoided

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There is only 1 courier service I can choose from.

Other option is UPS or fedex with shipping cost over 120euro hehe.

Well I will call them tomorrow, see what they say about that.
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Make sure you'll have a tracking number and a fair estimate of the time to reach destination.

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Yep. I also have another package underway to France, the one I just mentioned. The delivery time was 2-3 days. It's already 8 days without weekends and holidays (yesterday). I will call the them tomorrow to see how they will help me and if I get my money back. The funny thing is, this buyer also doesn't reply to my emails, he didn't even send me a message where is package is. It's like on ebay nobody gives a shit
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Right! Most guys in a hurry are looking for a scam.

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So it's actually a good thing he doesn't response or ask me where his package is icon_razz.gif
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I have had several disputes through paypal for different problems. Thing is, I always won and that's normal because I always do thing correctly and keep proof etc.

One of them was that the buyer claimed he did not received the package (buyer was in Bangkok, Thailand). It was a Dior Jeans.....

Parcel was shipped with tracking and signature and no insurance (have no choice about this criteria).


Buyer opened a dispute for item non received. I made an investigation on my side, opened a "file" with the local post company but it takes one month at least for them to investigate and see if the parcel is lost or not. I also asked them to send me the historial of the tracking, which they did so I can send it to paypal.


I called french customs directly to see if they could tell me if the package had left France. They gave me the bag and manifest number in which the parcel left France. From this point, it was not my responsibility anymore because package had left France. Thailand post was responsible...


I never spoke directly the buyer, I only gave the information paypal asked me for. I don't know if the buyer made any investigation on his side.


After 1month and a half, maybe 2 I don't remember exactly, nothing happened, we never knew where the package had gone. Looked that it was nobodies' fault. Paypal refunder the buyer.


If you start a paypal dispute, it will last AT LEAST one month, they don't do anything in a hurry at Paypal. If you send the parcel with all criteria necessary and keep proof, you basically risk nothing in sending them. It will just take time...and your paypal account could be locked. Can bother if you want to sell items and your paypal account is not available.


That's why I never leave money on my paypal account, in case of dispute, they hold on your money, if you don't have any, they put your account in negative.

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So you lost your money? Damn. Especially because it was dior jeans you should've taken insurance. It takes a while, like you said more than 1-2 months, but you will get your money back. It's like ebay/paypal will choose buyers' side most of the time.. What was your experience when they chose your side? What did happen.
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I didn't lost my money, as said, Paypal could not tell if was the buyer or seller fault...so in this case, they refunded the buyer and they didn't ask me to pay anything BUT during procedure, your account is locked and if you have money on your account, they hold on it until case is settled. But once case is closed and they state that it's not your fault, everything comes back in order.



The other times, I was the buyer, seller tried to scam me with a broken cellphone that was supposed to work...other time it was with a jeans that I received hemmed when it was not stated in the listing. I won both times.


As I'm a law student...i know some procedures, the words to use, this helps a lot ^^.

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Oh actually Paypal took the loss, so you got your money, and also the seller. My case with the french guy is exactly the same (delivery date on t&t is unknown, so you guess it). But I will wait till the buyer says something. Well then I will also send the jeans to Israel. Maybe streetnames in israel are really called pb.

Thanks for info guys.
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From my experience with Israel addresses, the most important is the postal code and full name. The post can figure the full address from the postal code and the name.

PM me with the address and ill tell you if theres any problem with it.

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"pb" Postal box?

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Hmmm could that be it ?
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Originally Posted by Saddock View Post

I have had several disputes through paypal for different problems. Thing is, I always won and that's normal because I always do thing correctly and keep proof etc.


same here.


Had several paypal claims with ebay items, but I always won. Never had a paypal problem as a seller...lucky me.



Last paypal dispute was quite fucked up. As the buyer and not satisfied with the item (wrong sizing, stained) I sent back the item and the seller claimed that he got nothing. I provided shipping + tracking, but the tracking wasn't exact enough. Only showed "item distributed" + Postal code of another city than that I've sent to. But the return shipment was sent to the right address, there was no fault on my side. The seller told paypal that I've sent the shipment to a wrong address. Paypal deceided to trust the seller and that I will get back nothing.

But I claimed again and they reopened the case demanding more information from me - I wondered why they did not do it earlier. I gave them tracking and I started a claim-request with the post service. The request came too late, but my confirmation+tracking was enough. I got my money back, two month after the return shipment! The claim-request came after that and it showed that the package is stored at the post office for the seller to pick it up (for a few weeks).

I was quite pissed about the seller, because I think he got the shipment back but told me that he got nothing. Bad thing also, I wasn't able to give a feedback after the whole case was finished. But the whole trouble showed me that you shouldn't give up too early with paypal!

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In my dispute with the Thailand guy, I never knew either if the guy received the item and lied about it as the tracking did not said "delivered" but something like "leaving from country of origin" or if he was honest and effectively never received it...

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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Hmmm could that be it ?

We need an israeli to confirm that. I've never sent anything to there before.

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I don't know if this is too late, but, at the beginning of March I sold a pair of jeans to a guy in Israel off of eBay.  He agreed to shipping via USPS First Class International instead of paying more for Priority with tracking (I should've known better at this point).  So, I shipped them out, took a picture of the box with the completed custom's form, with the postal employee holding the box, kept copies of the receipt from the purchase of the postage, as well as my copy of the custom's form.  About a month later, he messages me and tells me that he hasn't received them and to give him a refund.  I, in nicer words, told him to piss off and contact his local custom's office since I had proof of shipping.  I gave him the custom's number and left it at that.


Couple days later, he opened an eBay dispute.  Let's just say that, despite all of the proof that I had that I had done nothing wrong on my part, I lost and had to refund the full amount (including shipping).  I was absolutely furious.


Guess what? The guy isn't an eBay member anymore.  Gosh, I wonder why.

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