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Hello everyone

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Good afternoon everyone, thank you for allowing me to join your forum, my name is Krissie and I look forward to getting to know you.

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Thank you so much, Is there a time line for me to post enquiries about the authenticity of clothing?

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post all you's like!  threads may be held for moderation but i will get to them so no worries

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Awesome, thanks so much, you may get flooded with a few already that I tried to post, I will hold off posting the pictures again, until I hear back. I did post pictures in my albums that i needed help with authenticity about. 

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My appologies for the multiple posts.The screen kept telling me that the posts could not go through. So i tried again.

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It's all good. It may tell u that the post is being held for moderation and that's okay I will get to it. Just post one time or one thread and I'll see it within the day normally.
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Welcome! We're glad you're here!
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