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Any tips for an eBay scammer?

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So this guy bought some Diesels from me for $250 and he lives in France. His feedback was great, and he also confirmed his shipping address after he paid so I thought everything was okay.


All my international packages are shipped via USPS Express Mail 3-5 business days. I shipped this one quickly after payment, only to receive this message a few days later:


"Hello. When I asked you to say to me the time to transfer mail, you answered: 3/5 days. Yet(), I received him it later. I paid a very high price for postal charges ( 50 dollars). Furthermore, I should have settled() 35 euro of taxes of customs. I refused the package which was except deadlines(). Thank you for paying off to me postal charges included of course."


Shipping cost $47 to France with Express Mail (and it was even stamped on the package). I have no control over the taxes. The tracking number says the item was shipped on the 8th, then attempted delivery on the 15th (in compliance with 5 business days), then now says "Addressee requests own pick-up - Item being held, addressee being notified" which seems kind of suspicious if he really refused the package.


Am I being scammed here? Due the price I might be unprotected because I have no signature? There really was no option for signatures so I don't know how else I would have gone about it.

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I'm not sure I understand this correctly but it sounds like you sent the package (which arrived after 3-5 days?) and he refused it? Yeah, sadly there's not much you can do about the customs as that's entirely out of your control and is likely why it was delayed (if I'm understanding correctly). I'd suggest contacting Ebay and saying that the customer refused the package. Sadly, I think that you're going to wind up having to refund his money, as in my experience, Ebay rarely rules in the seller's favor. If they do force you to give him a refund, do not refund his money until you get the package back.

In general, I don't think other mail services offer signature confirmation internationally. Also, when shipping abroad, I always mark the customs package as "gift" which sometimes helps with the customs fees.
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The package is still available for him to pickup, as Jennifer suggested don't do anything before getting your package back and try to discuss shipping fees refund with him and with ebay as well. You may send me the tracking number to check it further for you as I speak french.

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Hi thanks for the help guys. Actually it's all worked out, he wasn't trying to pull anything.


It's just scary, I have heard a lot of cases recently where the buyer holds the package and picks it up after the dispute is completed. I guess that's only possible if the seller doesn't follow up with the claim.

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Glad it worked out!
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it still didnt worked out for me i would look for some other solutions of it now,,,,,,,,

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