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Looks like Shioner 804H have morphed into this-


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But I want them in shioner!! Diesel has at this stage stopped replying to my emails as to why they aren't selling them even though they have sizes. The cost is €0 so the system won't let me buy them. I asked them why and they gave me that same email about "everything in stock is on the website and if you want a particular pair contact your local store" I told then this didn't answer my question and they sent THE EXACT SAME E-MAIL BACK! I was so frustrated that I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor who could answer my question and they've since stopped replying. Worst customer service ever.
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i understand u ......i also wrote them several times and i always ge tthe same answer via email....i dont know about the customer care about their goals...also what the agents in the center think about their work.

maybe they dont want to get in touch by customers when they want to complain about something or ask about the product range.


anyway there is also no other contact to diesel so i would say yeah diesel dont give a fuck about their customers...you can buy..wanna complain? ...write us an email ha ha

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yah man.. they also don't do exchanges, they need you to return and get a refund then buy another pair instead... but because of currency conversion I'm loosing so much money doing this method.. but they dont care either..


I didn't know you couldn't buy 804H Shioner.. could of proxy you one from the States when i was in Boston .... 114.gif

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I probably will take you up on that in a few weeks.
@118i, diesel has direct contact details on the inside tags on their jeans. I'm going to contact them to complain about the lack of customer service.
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yeah a italian number or spanish number nice ...it take maybe 20 minutes till you reach one then you will be waiting in the line etc etc in the end you have a bill where you can go to the cinem watch a 3d movie with pop corn nachos mnms and you also can take a girl with you.

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Very true. Maybe a strongly worded letter??
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nah....can they read english?

if they read the letter would they answer?if they even not answer per email?





if they answer.....do you think that one letter will be enough?          you: hey i want ma money back because etc etc...diesel:ok cewl give us your bank data we will start transaction asap...

sending a letter from usa to italy?takes 1 week roundbout.....


all in all the best thing is drive to renzo........drop in liek a bomb into his house/office etc.......throw the jean on his table.....throw your diesel glass off.......take a seat and put your diesel shoes on the table (in the meanwhile the scecurity is on the way) and you can talk to him....

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That sounds like a nice way to spend the weekend.

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take a week and enjoy italy

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If you need a hand, i live in italy ;)

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^^Sounds like a fun trip! Just call a day and time and I'll join! icon_biggrin.gif
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Hahaha! Problem solved, 804H turned up on the online store and I also got a letter of apology but they stopped short of giving me a discount!!
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we already have a lot of volunteers!)), we should get together and go to Italy, and talk)) with Renzo and his gang)

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HA! Since Krooley 660Q is only available in Japan, which rellay pissed me off, i bought thanaz yesterday. I have tried thanaz several times already. Always in 34/34... always the same result... way to slim for me legs...or my legs way to fat for thanaz in my usual size. But i never tried to size up. This time i saw thanaz 660Q in 36/34...:D :) Fits:) ok, it's still not krooley... but 660Q was a must have for me. So, I'M happy

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Any pics relentless? I'd like to see how thanaz looks on you.

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This is me wearing thanaz 660Q in 36/34... Feel free to say what you think. I know that i really need to loose some weight ;D Can't even wear all of my safados comfortable any more... terrible...



And this is me wearing Krooley 8QU dark beige, Superdry Pullover and the new Diesel Yell boots:)


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They look fine to me man. Love the krooley outfit though.
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Thx mate:) better than nothing i think:D and the YELL boots are really worth their money:) i love them.

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AAAH just ordered Krooley 808Y.... :) :)

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Be sure to post pics the day you get it! They are no.1 on my list.
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Yep:) they should be here tomorrow or the day after tomorrow

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@Grag, freeradical82 and Arschloch:


Krooley 801N ;) Shot them for 80 euros @ ebay... BNWT!




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What a badass wash.

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