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Diesel Fall/Winter 2012 - Page 2

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eh am kohlmarkt ;-)

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those braddoms are very light, not like the 887d

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I think they'd look cool with a dark denim shirt and leather jacket.
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Damn give me those braddoms in thavar please or better yet tepphar.
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geil :)

Karacho haben sie auf der Mariahilfer auch schon welche?!

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Store mariahilfer







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hey Danke :D

Und der am Kohlmarkt hat andere Waschungen?

Und wie schaut die Viker R box aus?


Vielen Dank


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New stuff from diesel available at cultizm. Nothing spectacular mind.
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wow, pretty... not exciting. you were right. dig the thanaz 802a (880g) though lol. how many of you guys called it with the boring dark thanaz?

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Originally Posted by autodafe View Post

wow, pretty... not exciting. you were right. dig the thanaz 802a (880g) though lol. how many of you guys called it with the boring dark thanaz?


I Like it :D

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this has got me excited though for sure... it's happening~

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each season only black or boring htanaz washes....diesel should finally stop making thanaz if it only come out with such "zzzZZZzzz" washes which always look the same shame on you diesel and thavar is not thanaz like slr is not sls..............

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I agree but 887K is a lovely jean and the stripe washes are unique, although not for me. My gripe with diesel is why do they keep re-packaging the 88Z and 8AT washes under different names. Theyre not even trying hard to hide it anymore with the Safado 8Z8 wash. So damn lazy.
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I agree with everything phukette said
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Well, they always need some plain washes every season. There will be always people who need a plain black or blue jeans.And diesel would be dumb to not include normal washes in their collection each season.


Btw I also like thanaz more, I dunno why, maybe because of the 3 stitchings.

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Thanks for the pics, really hopeful looking washes!! I'm really liking 801C and 801N.

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I need real and or larger pics of these jeans before I can say which ones I like. lol

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I found some pics of safado 801I, it's dark washes but still looks great.

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Boring.. but thanks for posting them anyway!

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ya,not very impressive washes. my priority is still krooley 801N so far :)

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Yep, Thanaz and Thavar let me down...nothing compared to Spring/Summer washes (I mean 886b, 888p, 880m)

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These are the cheap washes 120-140 euro. We have yet to see the more expensive washes.

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where is the diesel promotion? i mean they always showed at begin of each collection 4 bourner washes? and now they show us normal washes first.....cant get...really i cant get it maybe im gettin to old for this brand new diesel shit but i miss the oly times where they dropped 4 bourner washes in their promo......and i instantly became eye cancer because they looked so gooooodddddd =)

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Agreed 118i, even last season the opening washes were 886P, 886B, 74Y and 887D. But having said that it's only cultizm showing the first washes. I'm waiting for the new season openers on the online store. 118I, you'll have eye cancer all over again!!
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