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Is it weird that I really like the Thavar 802H? I mean really like...

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Hmmm I would say a bit weird yes..

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Thought so. But I'm ok with it...
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today i saw the 801c and i dont like that wash very much.



the 0801N (Viker r box) looks awesome :)

Definitely on my list :D

I will also buy the 74Y Jogg Jeans :)

Much better as the Shioner

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Went to the store, saw couple new season washes.

Safado 801c, it's nice, but I'm not super crazy about it.
Brown color thavar, sorry I don't remember the wash code but it's like the 8qu brown and it's also a fashion pants.
A dark blue indigo Shioner, it's very soft, but boring to me.

They also got the Braddom 660r herringbone. I was really into this one until I saw it in person. It's a huge disappointment for me, 887d is so much better. On 887d, the herringbone detail is very subtle. But on 660r, the herring bone pattern stands out on this black jean, it makes it look cheap. And for the fact it's $300 retail and it's not MII, I would have to pass.

I also saw a Shioner 801A, $325 retail. I like this one allot. It's a mix of black and blue color with allot of detail to it. Nice prestacking and under different light it look grey. I was in a hurry so didn't get any pics. I'll go back to try that Shioner and get some pics.
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I really wanna see pics of the 801A. They look good even on the press photos. Pity about the 660R, I still think I'll get them though. I've thought of a few things to go with them. The list still stands at:
Braddom 660R
Thavar 801C
Shioner 801A
Krooley 804K
And that's just for starters...😳
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That's a nice list Phukette.

660r is still not bad. It just comparing with 887d, the level is just not there yet. I suggest still check it out in person though.

When I first saw the 801a on the wall in store, it didn't really hit me as a nice wash jean. But when I held it in my hands, it start to grow in me. I'll try it on first real soon and get some photo. And for $325 MII ($25 more than 660r nonMII), I think it's more worth it.

Also, I asked about the chi tight herringbone. The rep didn't know anything about it. WHAT!!! I hope this is not a euro release only. He did told me they will get more in 2 weeks so hopefully it will be there.
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If it is European only I'll happily proxy it for you man.
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Diesel reps don't know anything... the only thing they know is that there are more boxes coming soon, but no idea what's inside. They even don't know the wash codes sometimes... shit we really have to go work there, we would be a good salesmen.
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Originally Posted by enemy View Post

today i saw the 801c and i dont like that wash very much.

the 0801N (Viker r box) looks awesome icon_smile.gif

Definitely on my list icon_biggrin.gif

I will also buy the 74Y Jogg Jeans icon_smile.gif
Much better as the Shioner

oh man I already see it. it''s the left one right? 74y jogg jeans.
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Appreciate the offer phukette.
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when will these jogg jeans be released? i hope not in 6 months i want to spend money and dont wanna see pics of jeans

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If I'm correct enemy saw them in store, and he's german so you can buy them already. unfortunately for you tomorrow the stores are closed icon_cool.gif

oh I see you live in austria! sorry bro
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im from austria :D

The 74Y jOgg is available at the Mariahilfer Store :)

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stores are also closed on monday because there is a fu...ng regular holiday........so weekend in austria looks like this 3 days free only one day where u can spend your money bravo bravo ;D

oh sorry bro wanna join the cinema in austria today? better not because every freakin ape is in the cinema today ;(

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and the other two jogg jeans on the pic? any wash codes?


.....im to lazy for going to the diesel store and watch the pair of jogg jean arent there any better pics? where is the diesel promotion

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If I find more pics I will post it here.
Previous season there was a korean site with pictures of all washes, I can't find a site like that for this season. Maybe someone else can find it....
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maybe diesel shold give promo pics? also why are there no new washes on their web site?

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the jogg jeans that I saw was a 74Y wash :)

The store becomes 3-4 washes in few weeks as jogg jeans :)

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njam njam i neeed nice jogg jeans

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dont know if this was posted yet but have fun :)


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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

oh man I already see it. it''s the left one right? 74y jogg jeans.



Yes i thin the left :)

The store manager had the jogg jeans also:)

And the look great :)


The denim is a new development.
He is a little thicker but just as soft :)
Thus it is easy to work better and produce more elaborate ablutions
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any infos about the washcode from the other 2 washes?

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I believe there is new cut for this new season.



I believe this is this.



new slim boot cut.

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Don't think it's the same bro, look at his turned up hems, they're red on the inside which makes them the red exposure wash(804K). But diesel making a new bootcut? That is interesting.
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