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Diesel Fall/Winter 2012

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Known Wash and cut list:


008Z8 Safado

0660D Shioner

0660Q Thanaz 

0660R Braddom

0660S Thanaz Kakee

0660S (version 2) Thanaz

0800W Tepphar

0800Z Zatiny Larkee

0801A Shioner

0801B Iakop NEW-FANKER

0801C Safado Thavar

0801D (Multi colors) Safado Thavar

0801I Safado Tepphar

0801M Viker

0801N Krooley Viker-r-box


0801S Thanaz

0801T Krooley

0801V Darron

0801W Krooley

0801Y Krooley

0801Z Larkee

0802A Thanaz

0802C Tepphar Zatiny Timmen

0802E Zathan Viker

0802F Viker-R-Box Koolter

0802H Thavar

0802M (multi-color?) Chi-Tight-B





0885B Shioner

0885R Darron Rombee-XT

0885V Thavar

8880K Braddom







There aren't many pics I can find, but here are some (new and old)


I will try to update this thread with more pics.






















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Diesel Spring Fall Winter 2012 menswear collection
A continuation of the preview collection and its themes of  portworker and  “The 
thin line between old and new.” This is Fall/Winter 2012: a collection that follows 
the season from the first signs of autumn to the harshest winter months with 
clothes that aren’t afraid to be who they are. 
Early Fall sees tobacco and different shades of indigo predominate. Indigo is used 
for denim, as well as treated corduroy pants and jackets, while tobacco sits pretty 
on a number of different jackets. It all has a touch of the great outdoors, particularly 
in hybrid boots and light bodywarmers. Not to mention  the patterned jacquard 
knits that create warm, unified style across sweaters, gloves, scarves and hats. 
Burgundy is the new colour of the season. It is used in a variety of knitwear styles, 
as well as becoming a new Color Exposure shade for denim: the reverse sides of 
jeans match the new knitwear. 
Workwear remains firmly embedded in Diesel’s DNA and naturally denim workwear 
is key to this collection. Whether treated and untreated, plain or striped, textured 
or smooth, jeans, utility jackets and overalls treat workwear with the respect it 
For early Winter, indigo is joined by gray and green. A bright, eye-popping green is 
featured on the delivery’s key piece: unique knickerbockers training pants in 
patterned knitwear. This idea of making a classic an original – hi-tech performance 
vintage – is also seen in denim, where grandpa-stripe denim is coated to produce a 
technical, contemporary workwear look. 
Outerwear is quite simply premium thanks to a fascinating mix of fabrics, as seen in 
the hybrid jacket that combines knitwear and fake fur. Winter work apparel is also 
lined to feel soft and cozy while keeping you warm in the cold. 
The final part of the collection takes black and redefines it in a variety of different 
fabrics: leather, denim, shearling and hi-tech nylon. Add a few touches of gray and 
white to spice things up and you have clothes that are chic and relaxed. 
For a Winter rock look, there is leather in tight jackets and slinky pants, for clothes 
in which you’ll want to strut your stuff.
Diesel’s redefinition of what denim can be continues with its Color Exposure D.N.A. 
denim. Featuring delicate handmade treatments that impregnate deep into the 
heart of the fabric, the insides of jeans become bright features in themselves. Just 
slip them on, turn up the leg and you’ve got a whole new world of color in your 
denim life. 
A new approach – and one that will continue in the future – is the use of textured 
denim, with herringbone, salt&pepper and grandpa stripes, in treated and 
untreated versions. 
In the accessory collection is recognizable the strong and vintage Diesel DNA. Style 
the Thinker boots realized with the oily treated leather, can be perfectly matched 
with the Anwards bag. The balanced mix of leather and suede with the functional 
external pocket make it one of Diesel best performing leather lines.  
Bags contrast nicely with the down-at-home knits thanks to futuristic touches such 
as the use of hardwearing fused plastics. 
Hi Jack II, an everyday bag for a sophisticated consumer. Made of polyurethane and 
nylon twill for a soft but yet thick and resistant hand feel. Zips, logo and rings in gold
colour & enamelled metal hardware in tonal colour enhance this line’s details. To 
combine with  Skillo boots, a very qualitative combat boot style in leather with 
colour contrast details, pop up leather lining and sockliner, and textured rubber 
Underdenim is the best and most intimate way to live Diesel’s denim heritage.
It’s a new line of male underwear created to give you the same feeling that only a 
pair of Diesel denim can give you. Made in soft stretch  cotton, it reproduces the 
same features of a real denim through selvage detailing, 3stitch denim look and a 
blue denim wash color palette. Made for denim lovers, so when you strip off your 
jeans you are still in denim.
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I saw today 4 new Jeans. 

Thavar 801c which reminds me on Braddom/Iakop 881z. I guess this is going to be a popular wash here! The retail price is 250€

Iakop 801b a really nice Jeans but I don't like Iakop, hope the release them in Tepphar. Price 240€

One Viker and one Safado were also available.


I will try to make pictures next time!

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Nice. Which shop?

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Diesel Store in Essen (Germany)

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nice, thanks for the pictures

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wow those are nice. When will they come out in stores?

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I think it's already started. From what I know the stores get 3-4 washes each week

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The thavar 801C and the krooley 801N are def on my list. Look good!!
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Nice wash, thanks for sharing. i think i'll try new cuts this season, the krooley is amazing.

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omgosh!!!!!!!!!! must must must have 0801N!!! i hope to God they release it in braddom or viker!  cant for the life of me make krooley work!

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I really like the Herribone style of jeans like 887D?  the middle one in the picture looks amazing!!! i wonder what wash that is or cut!!!


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cant wait till we see the thanaz washes......maybe a black one a gray one and a dark one like in the last 3 seasons yeah -.-

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The middle one looks like thavar. It's got that triangle under the back waistband. I'm def gonna get me another one of the herringbone washes. I love my 887D.
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I'm looking forward to seeing brand new Thavar and Thanaz

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804K looks interesting. Anybody knows which cut this could be?

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had my eye on that one since the first pics came out. hoping they're a thanaz or a thavar.

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Me too. It looks good on the model in the 15th pic down. The one with the burgundy knit and lovely double breasted coat.
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Braddom 660R Made in Tunisia, € 210


Thavar € 250, looks awesome in real




also saw a grey - blueish shioner € 250

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Love that braddom!!!
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yes this thavar looks great but i hope its nit 250 euro ....

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lol 250 euro....=D

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I'm up to 4 jeans on my list:
Braddom 660R
Krooley 801N(I think this cut/wash combo really works!)
Thavar 801C(my priority wash this season!)
And the 801A wash. Hopefully in a good cut.
The 804K is in there as well!! Eep! Gonna need some serious dough for the coming season. As soon as any of these drop I'm getting them. Gonna watch the usual websites every day till they do.
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