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Diesel friends and family private sale this weekend

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Diesel friends and family private sale this weekend 30% most items w usual exclusions
Just mention it at checkout fri-sun icon_cool.gif
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Yup, friends and family sale. May exclude Jeans, i just called they don't know for sure. 

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Would love to see any of your purchases!

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Online sale starts may 17 by the way. icon_biggrin.gif
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not online yet.......

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It's online. You need to log in to your diesel account in order to see which items are on sale. The discount will automatically be applied. I already did my shopping! icon_razz.gif

Some denims are on sale too.
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Does anyone know when will the 50% off sale going to happen?
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Damn was just about to order viker-r-box 887q in 34 but now they are out on all sizes! Anyway, I got myself Thanaz 8880K and a shirt from Black gold.
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Yea I will wait for  50%, there are some nice dbg jackets. I think in 5-6 weeks.

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dammit, 888p and 881z not on sale.. :(

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Just logged into my account on the UK Diesel Online store. No discounts I can see though. Anyone no why??

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They will appear on the checkout page unless UK wasn't included for the promotion.
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I dont think it was then. I added Thanaz 880K as you said you picked it up. It didnt come up with any discount though! We must be missing out in the UK! :-(

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I guess it does not work in Europe?!

In Germany it does not work neither.

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Only US.


Europe should be next week (or 2) for public, not private.


Btw US has another stock, so no worries 

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Just came back from our local diesel store. I was shocked at how they kept this sale really private. When Bloomingdales have their private sale they post it throughout the store. At diesel no sign of any kind. I asked the sales person whether the jeans I picked is on sale and she replied rudely 'we don't do sales'. I asked about the friends and family sale and she was like ohhhhh we don't advertise that. Now I realized that biatched didn't remove the anti-theft tag from the t short that I bought. Grrr...icon_mad.gif
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So the sales in Europe will be in the next two weeks for the public?

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US sales are public now.


EU should follow soon!

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Awesome! Can you post a link to the US site so i can have a look? It always directs me to the UK site when i try!
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At the bottom of the site you can change "Shipping to".

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Thanks for that! I had no idea. Ill guve it a try, want to see what tees and jackets are on sale. Does anyone know which denim will carry over to AW12?
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i like diesel jeans to much

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... mistake. Sorry.

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