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I came across these at Nordstrom last night


Krooley is a new cut to me, I tried on my regular size and they seemed kind of like Viker in the waist/thigh area, but tapered from the knee down like Thavar/Darron. The wash is really cool looking and there's lots of "molded in" detail. I'm just not sure how often I would wear grey jeans, if they cost less I wouldn't hesitate. What's the opinion here on Krooley and this wash?

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Krooley is my favourite cut at all because i have enough room in the thighs area and they are tapered. And especially i like that they are little bit saggy.


From the pictures i like the 887Q wash but i never saw them in real or never saw some good photos of it.

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I saw them in real, they're great and very beautiful but they're definitely not for everybody (for me example). But wash is incredible cool! You need to try them on, I'm sure you'll like them :-)

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887q is beautiful wash IRL. I almost bought Viker R-Box version..but my budget didnt fit. :|

as for Krooley cut..lot of people here dont favor the cut, as it seem to cater to big thigh people in general, however I love the way it fits my body. check out the WAYWT for some reference point.

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it fits funny on skinny legged peeps like myselc\f

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Really like krooley. If you have skinny legs just size down one. For example some people with large legs size up for thavar, shioner.

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Well, I looked over all of the available Diesel styles readily available in the stores last night, and after trying on the Krooleys for a second time decided to get them. I'm pretty "proportional" as in average height/weight, leg-size, etc. Like my first observation, they fit kind of like Viker in the thigh, high rise and somewhat relaxed. From the knee down they are like many other Diesel cuts, tapered/slim. The big question in my mind is how often I will wear grey jeans. I almost bought the Thavar 886B's when everyone was getting them but didn't because I was unsure of the color. The sales guy pointed out that the light wash was kind of "summer" looking and it goes well with softer colors like pastel blues, yellows, etc.


Can't wear them yet though....because when I got home and looked at the receipt, the Nordstrom "system" had charged me an extra $9 for the jeans. Don't know how that happened and I should have paid more attention but I was busy talking to the clerk while I signed the CC receipt. The store is very close by to work so I will go by at lunch today to have them adjust the charge, then plan on wearing them tomorrow, pics to follow. 

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Well I'm looking to get the 887Q wash in Darron in the sales. Saw it on a poster with a white T, dark brown leather jacket and it looked the shit. Didn't pay much heed to it before that. Was gonna get it in krooley but can't find my size. I think I prefer Darron anyway. Can't wait to see pics art nouveau!
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I agree that grey is specific color. I used to have grey Diesel's but sold them. You can wear them example with white, dark blue, etc. I personally like it! As Jeanetic said, Krooley is not for very skinny and average height guys. Krooley is perfect for tall and not too skinny guys!

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Got the bill adjusted at lunch today, ready for wear tomorrow....hmmm so many decisions....which shirt and shoes....

I'm 6' and 163lbs BTW. Will show tomorrow.

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I'd say, brown leather boots and a white T with a leather jacket if you've got one. When I get mine, that's what I'm gonna wear with them! I wear loads of things with my 886B, navy, red, off-white shirts, dark denim shirts. Grey jeans a lot more versatile than you'd think.
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:) i just can tell yu that the 887Q is a very special wash. i love it. Has soo much style:)

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Good to see ya back relentless!!!
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Thx Phukette.... had some problems here. Bought a new computer now, but still have no cam:D

hope i didn't miss too much... Any new collection out there? not yet, right?

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Finally getting around to posting some fit pics. I've now worn the Krooley 887Q's 3-4 times and any reservations about the cut/style/wash or grey color are gone, they're one of my new favorites. Being the only Krooley's I've ever tried on I can't see how different washes compare, but I am wearing the same 32/32 that I wear in most Diesel styles and they fit perfectly to me. Similar to Safado in the thighs but with a higher rise that I like, tapering from the knee down. Very comfortable.



Krooley 887Q

KidRobot polo shirt

Forfex Killer Drumhead sneakers.




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And again.IMG_0601.JPGIMG_0603.JPG


Krooley 887Q

Diesel tshirt

Forfex sneakers

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krooley fits well but the knees look odd from the side angle

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Originally Posted by jeanetic View Post

krooley fits well but the knees look odd from the side angle

They do have a bit of "slack" at the kneecap, can't really describe it any other way. Doesn't really look odd in person.

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NICE! glad to see krooley fits you well.

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WOW they look great and they fit perfect on you. You can be very happy that you've bought one.


Do you have still a fit pic from behind?


Does anybody have the Krooley 8x9 and the 887q as well? I would like to see how different they are.

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Originally Posted by weidner View Post



Does anybody have the Krooley 8x9 and the 887q as well? I would like to see how different they are.

i was literally thinking this yesterday that 887q just seems like a clean version of 8x9. i absolutley love 8x9 wash but 887q is just ok IMO

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I have both, 8x9 and 887q and the look not the same at all. 887q is cleaner and brighter. i love them both, but hav to add that the 8x9 is still the best krooley i've ever had^^

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It would be nice if you make some pics so we can all see =)

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After seeing your pics art, I'm gonna snap up the Darron 887Q when they go on sale!
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