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880W or 886P?

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Thinking to get either Safado 880W or Safado 886P but I can't decide which.


I guess I prefer 886P more, but I'm worried they're too similar to my 8E7. And I've seen some photos of 880W that look way too bleached/ messy for my liking.


Any thoughts?

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def 880w. I dont like 886p personally

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I like both 880W and 886P, hard to choose one, either way you couldn't go wrong IMO. I can tell you that 886P is much different and definitely unique to 8E7, be sure to size down with these unless you want a larkee-like fit.

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886p all the way! i dont think they're really much like 8e7 at all. this is a beautiful destroyed wash!

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Definitely 880W

Amazing wash, one of the best in the last few years!

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880W bro. For the win!!
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