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Why is this cheaper?

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I know close to nothing about Dior home jeans except that they are like more than 500bucks. So can someone tell me why this is 'cheap'at $295?

Never mind the link doesn't work when pasted icon_mad.gif

It's on luisviaroma.
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I think you are talking about the brut denim. Thats Made in Italy raw denim. Dior Homme Jeans are categorized into two: MII - Made in Italy, MIJ - Made in Japan


MIJs are higher quality denim than the MII, hence MII are cheaper. Washed denim are above $500, raws are cheaper. Not so much the case with the recent years... the raws can go up to $800. The one you're talking about is classic; non seasonal hence you can get them year round. Hope this helps without getting too deep

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Oh that's lots of help. Tyvm. icon_biggrin.gif
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