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In need of skinny/slim maroon/burgundy chinos.. any suggestions?

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Lol I know this is a weird request, but could anyone recommend a well-fitting slim chino brand that also has their pants in dark maroon color? I have been looking for a pair for a while now with no luck. I know this isn't really Diesel-related, but I figure some people here might have some suggestions. Any input appreciated icon_smile.gif



something like this that fit doesn't suck.


posted here because the other sections are kinda dead.. hope that's okay..

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i haven't tried any yet but allsaints chinos look like they'll fit your requirements neatly.

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Yeah I saw the ones at ASOS, but those are really red.


Topman has some good ones.. also just saw some at H&M! Thanks for the tips.


I have to check out an All Saints store, I've only visited their online site, but I do love their clothes.

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Sorry, I hate chinos with a passion. I think they should be made illegal! eekout.gif

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woahhhh... explain? i too am looking for a nice thavar-tepphar inbetweenish pair of chinos.

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I just hate chinos. They are so unflattering in my opinion and all the young guys are wearing them. It's like they have all been turned in to Topman Chino clones. It's just my opinion, sorry. Hate hate hate. Bring back jeans please!

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I've got these ones, they're a fantastic skinny fit - Luca Chino



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Chinos are great as long as they are 5 pocket versions. I dont like dress pant type chinos

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Allsaints chinos all the way bro. I got them, posted them on some thread about coloured denim. I can post them again later.
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I also don't understand where the hate is coming from for chinos haha. They're so versatile and incredibly simple and definitely more comfortable than jeans.


Would love to see those Phukette.. the only thing is All Saints stuff is all usually pretty pricey.. how much is a pair?


Thanks doggles.. I need to bookmark that site. I remember seeing some other really cool stuff on there in the past as well.

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Mine were £85/$135. Pretty pricey but the quality and fit is top-notch.
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Here's the allsaints ones. I'm wearing them with an allsaints tonic t and allsaints charge ballast blazer.


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Wah those do look really nice. I'll check it out, thanks :)

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I would also say All Saints. That or Life After Denim, though I'm not sure they have them in that particilar color.
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which allsaints cut would you guys recommend for something similar to a thavar with maybe a smaller leg opening?

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How about Closed? They fantastic chinos. http://www.closed.com/Men/Chinos/

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Range chino is the nicest one. It's what I have and the fit is very similar to thavar.
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