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I dont know how it going to fit me,never tried braddom before. Krooley doesnt fit me well on any size, I tried 886p and it kinda good in terms of waist an calves, but the room in the thigts making my legs look wierd. The biggest problem is that I cant seem to find 888P  anywhere(sold out on nordstom), but size 32 pair which costs 350$ on ebay. 

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With thavar 888P you should get your common size, judging by your description of 8880m 33 should do fine for you. They stretch just enough to give that great fit without looking loose and saggy.
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32 was very thigh, 33 was perfect in terms of thight and calves but looked very sagy on the waist. I could take size 32 and stretch it, but it's on full price, while 33 costs 140$ but doesn't fit me very well.
Anyway, What size should I take on braddom if Im usally wears 32 on thanaz, 31 on safado and 30 on darron and 29 on larkee.?
I think I could get braddom 888p for 167$.
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damn where can you find Braddom 888P for $167!??


I'm a bit late boomer, I just bought Braddom 888p from New York Speed, 28x32.. looking forward to get it.. since I did not buy the 28x30 I tried in HK (they wanted $420usd) its always back of my mind... I finally picked one up!

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Love this pair of jeans. I actually got mine for $67 believe it or not! And yes authentic!!!
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Picked up thavar 888p 29x32 myself icon_biggrin.gif my collection is complete for now.
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Baltimore I thought you had a 28x30? can't remember i thought I seen some of your photos from lurking around....  I'm still thinking about the 74K, but 888P sorta just snuck in under the radar.. its like I woke up one day and BAM i want a 888p and BAM new york speed has them then bam punch in the credit card!!!!! icon_lol.gif

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Yeah, I bought 29x30 when it first appeared on asos, but my pair didn't have any fadings anywhere. I really wanted the yellow tinted version. My current pair doesn't have very yellow fading, but still cool white (light yellow) one.. better than the ones from asos. Only the ass is really yellow icon_razz.gif
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I got my Braddom 888P from new york speed and love them!! they're not as yellow but neither are they pale.  its just right i THINK.   just tried them on and off it went to get it professional hemmed as I decided to keep them...  will get them back this Friday.  However I'm flying to Paris on Saturday for work for 2 weeks so will post fit pits from there.

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Well, I would really love to join your little club here... but I have problems still finding a pair in my size.

I think I discovered this nice wash a bit too late... :-(


I need a size 30 / 30, maybe also 30 / 32.

Anyone can help me out?

I tried 29 once and they were skin tight on my thighs and I think I couldn't even close the top button properly so I believe a size 29 is not an option for me.

I don't think that this stiff and thick denim will stretch very much.


Ah yes, the most important point: I want a blueish pair!!


I know most of you like the yellow version better but I think the blue one is a bit more versatile and can be matched better that the yellow one.

I actually bought a pair of 888P a few weeks ago in size 30 / 32 but decided to return them because they were much too yellow for my taste.


I for example loved the pair that Baltimore had first but decided to return them... :-)

Also the one from qwerk look very good to me.

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I should also mention that I am looking for a Thavar 888P, not Braddom... ;-)

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i like that wash,proper faded out ,worn in whatever you want to call it

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picked up 888p on 31,30 last month, wear it ones, been running to much i guess, now its too big for me icon_sad.gif. anyone want to trade 30.30 too 31,30 ?

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Hi all,


There's a pair of braddom 888p on ebay. The seller is claiming that they are blue eyecons. In the pics the fading is noticeably different to regular 888p, but I'm still not convinced. Have any of you seen, or even heard of, 888p as a blue eyecon?



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888P is a blue eyecon...whatever the fadings look like...differences between pairs can be huge.

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888P runs a little small than usual. Normally I size down on braddom as I usually wear Thavar. Congrats and welcome to the club!
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I'm thinking about getting a pair but I'm not convinced yet.

Everyone seems to love this pair, it looks like it's an all time favourite for many people but IMO it looks better in pictures.

I'm more of an 8x2 fan and think those pairs look alike so I'm hesitating.

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they are really not alike (see difference in pics below)  888p is much lighter and a bit cleaner.  denim is a bit thicker.  it is a perfectly done light wash jean IMO.  8x2 is also a very special wash, a bit dirty and ruggy.  i too am a fan of that wash.  i have both washes and love them both. 





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Thanks for giving me your opinion and sharing the fit pics.

I think i'm still an 8x2 lover and won't get 888p as I wouldn't wear them as much as the 8x2, considering I also have 10 other pairs so I would end up leaving it in my closset.

Don't know which i like more: your style or your house decoration (love the mirror, wooden ground, brown walls,etc)!!

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I have both 8x2 and 888p too and they are completely different.













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Nice fit on both of you, guys!


@Dieselolic and Levislad: just a little question, do you have same size for them or 1 more size for 888p since it narrows a bit more?



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My 8x2 are w30 but my 888p are w29. They both fit the same in those sizes.
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Originally Posted by Dieselolic View Post

they are really not alike (see difference in pics below)  888p is much lighter and a bit cleaner.  denim is a bit thicker.  it is a perfectly done light wash jean IMO.  8x2 is also a very special wash, a bit dirty and ruggy.  i too am a fan of that wash.  i have both washes and love them both. 



Dude, where did you get that leather jacket? Awesome!!
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