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Yeah, I hope they will work out. I have found measurements in all sizes from other websites and size 29 seems to match all my other diesels. Anyways, I can't wait to receive them! :D

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Nordstrom has braddom 888p for 159.00 dollars or something like that...selected sizes though. hurry.

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i bookmarked those after i bought them cause i was sure they'd be willing to refund me the difference. sure enough they did no questions asked! yay!!!

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Great! That means I'll get the refund too!
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Only fat sizes left now. crybaby.gif

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I visited 3 different Diesel stores while in NYC a couple of weeks ago, all three sales clerks that assisted me at the different stores were all wearing 888P's. Obviously THE popular wash this season.

I asked one of them about the observation that newer 8X2 Thavars appear darker than earlier ones and he said that was definitely the case....and "they" being the store personnel consider the old ones the best.

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oh I forgot I´m also in



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What wash is that Karacho? Looks nice?
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888p lightning is kinda strange in this one

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karacho, how does this braddom fit compared to your thavar (for example 8x2). I have seen these in store in small sizes, ~29w30l, they look very slim with also a small leg opening. Does is only look like this or is this wash in braddom really slimfitted.
(I should've try them myself...)
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welcome to the club. Yours do look lighter than ours

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well theres a lot more room in the thigh area, the leg opening is the same as Thavars in this one.

I have tried a lot of Braddoms, but 887D and 888P are definately tighter than the other ones, thats the reason why I´ve bought them.



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Just ordered my 888p. It's on sale now @Diesel online store NL.

Normally I wear 30/30, but most of my jeans are still bit loose in my waist. So I wanted a 29/30. Unfortunate there was only a 29/32 left.
So, let's hope they fit!

Looking forward to join the club! icon_cool.gif

(Ordered 886b 29/32 (no l.30 left) and 801c 29/30 as well)
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thavar 888p

size 32 to 36 for only 140 bux!

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Can anyone confirm if this site above is legit? ^^^^^^^^^
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Looks legit to me.
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it's legit. a sister site to gilt groupe, which I buy things often.

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Here are mine.

Got them from asos.




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Awesome dude! You've been busy!!!
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Yeah, I usually dont have time because I work nights, so I figured I'd do it today since I was off.

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Thavar 888p runs small? Only size 33 is available from this site. On thavar 8880m size 33 the waist was realllly big and loose, and it looked really wierd with a belt on.
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888P is definitely tighter than 8880M.
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That's annoying, I tried size 33 and it was perfect on the legs and thights but the waist was very loose and looked saggy with belt. I guess no 888p for me icon_sad.gif
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Why don't you try braddom? I sized down to 31(I usually take a 32 in thavar) and the fit was super nice.
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