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888P Club

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Okay Dieselicious. I agree. Let's move or copy fit pics onto here so there is a database of 888P fit pics. 


This is the first time I have ever cussed on the blog but I for one FUCKING LOVE my 888P's. I know nobody that will post here will disagree.


As we are not certain as to the longevity of this wash, let's make 'wash code 888P' the only requirement for this thread. (ie: Thavar, Braddom, and whatever else may come. Imagine a Tepphar 888P!)


The list will be updated by request. "T" for Thavar, "B" for Braddom.



Owners (click to PM):

Dieselicious T

Fashionvictime T

Gpoop T

jeanetic T

JiNious T
Marcus0528 T

Msalonen T

Phukette B

qwerk T
turkje T

Relentless B
rizzice T


Please post, and guys, nothin but love for y'all.

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i'll kick it off with all of my shots. i encourage you guys to start taking fit pics in all kinds of situations so as to show how light really does effect the wash.


none of my photos have any flash.


first time wearing them. indoors, natural light.


Thavar 888Pf.png

Thavar 888Ps.png


indoors natural light.


Thavar 888Pb.pngThavar 888Pc.png


outdoors, sunny.




indoors, dept store halogens.







Note: All the same pair. I'm 5'8", 140lbs. Thavar 888P 29X32, purchased from Diesel on Newbury Boston.



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compare the last two sets of photos. it totally looks like i'm wearing different jeans altogether.

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Aramis suggested today be official 888P day. Let's do it. 


But let's up the frequency. How's about the last Saturday of each month or something like that? Is this entire 888P club idea non viable lol? 

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you have a great selection of photos of 888p! I want to say that I would be very grateful if you would support my initiative electorate expensive!)) LOL

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Hehe nice, will post pics after I bought mine one day.

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update OP with owner list. let me know if i forgot you or was wrong about something!

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lol, don't hype, if diesel find out it's a popular wash, they will keep it for 1 or 2 more seasons like 8x2, so I can't buy it in sale.


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But anyway here you go, my returned, non-yellowish pair


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Dang Baltimore, I would have loved that pair. Mine were too yellow for my tastes so I returned them.
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shoulda done this a long time ago, sounds like some of you guys could have swapped!

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888P is a blue Eyecon. It's limited edition. One season only people!! Get em while you can! And I love this 888P club. Count me in!
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Appreciate the thread support autodafe.


Here are mine. I love them both. And yes, I am keeping both. LOL.









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Here's mine, I'd have appreciated a bluer pair but guess this works.


888p down.png

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its wild how different they all are



some snapseed photos:

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

photo 4.JPG

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ohhh mannnnnn dropping the one-season-only bomb, Phukette. gotta-buy-more panic setting in... how many of you guys snagged a pair in 30 inseam?


i'm thinking i might wanna try sizing down entirely from 29X32 to 28X30. that along with hopefully getting a pretty different looking wash from mine should result in a significantly different look. what do y'all think?

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jeanetic, you actually have really skinny legs.. never really realized haha. but yeah, they look amazing on you.

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Thanks..skinny legs is an understatement. I have bird legs. 

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Man, I really want to get a pair of these, but I'm worried about sizing.

I'm 5'10 and usually wear a 30x30 in zatiny. I want them to look like yours autodafe. Do you guys think it would be safe to go with 30x32? I'll wear them primarily with my cole hann wingtips, I want minimal stacking on top of them. Annnnd hopefully I don't get a yellow pair lol.

Thanks guys.
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@Animal, I suggest up one size at least. I can wear W28W30 in zatiny but I pick W30W32 for thavar. And It also depends on the thighs and calves.

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Yeah animal, size 1 up fro zatiny at least. And as for stacking, it's already moulded into the jeans so unless you wanna wash and iron them which IMO would ruin them. Try and the get the 884C which is similar with no pre stacking.
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stacking looks great! some of these are just perfect with the 3d effect. look at jeanetics photos and tell me you don't like the stacking. i won't believe you! at any rate, sounds like everyone else has you covered. 


raj, your braddoms look great! hey guys, who else has the braddoms?

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Thanks, the shade of your thavars is among the best on the forum, especially like how they look on the first pic. I'd be lucky to get a pair like that.
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Hello all, new member here from Scandinavia. I have been lurking around here for a while.

Decided to become a member and to post pics of my Thavar 888P I received today. I ordered them from Diesel online store. And actually I would need some advice on the length/size you see on the pictures.

I am all confused now what to do with the jeans…. :( The size is 32/32 and they feel a bit too long of what I am used to. I have not decided If to send them back and order a pair of L30 or keep them. Because I love the wash they have accomplished to this pair, and If I send them back for shorter one then maybe the wash will not be the same.


So please feel free to comment the size and fit.

Sorry for the bad quality pics, cell phone.






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