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Legit site???

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Anyone know if this is a legit site?

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off course not, just look at it, sooooooo fake!

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That's too bad. Thanks for the info.
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At least you asked here first. I was stupid enough to fell for similar scam a month ago. It's a company in china. They will not send you any confirmation but instead mail you crap like a fake diesel belt even though you ordered jeans. My friend received a woman's scarf. The package has no invoice or anything either. Sigh. I hope I get my money back from visa. I disputed the charge but I bet they are going to show the USPS mail confirmation. Evil bastards.
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I almost fell to it like 2 years ago, but Chase wouldn't do it, I try like 2 times to pay for the item and bank declined this transaction so I got lucky back then.
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Good thing I asked first.

Thanks for the feed backs. And good luck on your dispute Bilibili.
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the website design is well done though, its a good thing you asked ! 

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