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Skinny Diesel

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I just bought a levi's 511, I want something skinny as this or even more, they suggested me diesel, I cant understand even after i readed forum, which is the name of the most skinny diesel jeans.


thanks :)

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If you want a Levis 511 Slim fit (that's what they are in the UK) then you want Diesel Safado.


Skinnier fits in Diesel are Thanaz and Thavar or Shioner. Otherwise if you want a Carrot fit then go for Tepphar.

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Thanaz and Thavar or Shioner


Any suggestion ? I want more skinny then 511 so im looking at http://store.diesel.com/it/uomo/jeans/denim#skinny   but they look all the same >_< 


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even better if thehy more skinny then 511 :)


but im looking at the diesel site, they look all the same to me those skinny jeans, cant decide which one :)

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You can see pictures that are placed here on the site and choose the model that is more for you.

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I think that Shioners and thanaz are the most skinny fits in diesel.  However, if your going as skinny as Levi's 510, I don't know

if your going to find that in diesel.  Just size down one and let it stretch out then you're good man.

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Tepphar is the skinniest jean that Diesel produces....

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but they run big. sizing down on a tepphar should get you to the limits of how tight diesels can be.

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I don't think any Diesel styles are meant to be "emo skinny." Agree that Tepphar is the slimmest but still not jeggings.
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