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Hello everyone

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Hi there,


About me: I'm 22 from South Wales - UK. I love football(soccer), Rugby, Mountain Biking, Tennis, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, avid film and tv fan - I try to watch everything I can. I currently train in accounting.


I've only recently opened my eyes to fashion and denim, and I need to thank this place for that - especially the "What are you wearing today" diesel thread, I literally went through 770 pages of that and it's given me a ton of stuff to buy, I now have a list of wants and needs, my first Diesel Jeans buy was Diesel Thanaz 8B9, then I picked up Thanaz 71B; sorry I can't contribute to that thread just yet (I sold my iPhone to fund some of these buys!!!), I'm currently in trade talks with the member "TimeOut" to buy his Diesel Thavar 8X2 so my collection is coming along nicely :)


I'll stick around and contribute in other ways I'm sure, but at the moment I'm just taking a backseat and trying to take in as much advise as possible, I'm a thread stalker at the moment.


Anyway I'm rambling, would just like to say a hearty hello!





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Welcome! Can't wait to see pics
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Welcome !


Hope you enjoy the 8x2 icon_biggrin.gif

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Welcome to the site PinkSabbath!


(and I agree mountain biking is a blast)

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.


Dave - It sure is, fast becoming my favorite sport. Colorado is actually up there with my wishlist of foreign places to take my bike and ride, would love to go there and then up to Whistler, Canada.

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niiiice.  yea Whistler is amazing.


Just visited Moab two weeks ago.  Impressive place as well.

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