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Raf Simons is at Dior

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Raf Simons has just been named the new Creative Director of Dior. After leaving Jil Sander speculation came up of him taking over the fashion house. The choice is a complete 180 from previous designer John Galliano. Raf is known for his minimalist approach, while John is known for his extravagance. What do you think of the new choice? Do you think Raf will bring in fresh air to the fashion house?

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I love that he left Jil Sander and then denied rumors that he was going to Dior for a month. I think he's incredibly talented and am anxious to see what he does at Dior though, since his aesthetic is so different than Galliano's. I do think he will be a breath of fresh air, one who is perhaps a bit more refined than Galliano.

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