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G-Star Raw

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Anyone big fans of G-Star Raw, Their stuff is pricey enough but is it worth it?
I'd be curious is there people who only buy G-Star jeans?

What do you like about them?

I'm doing a project on G-Star Raw for College, 
I'd love to get feedback from any g-star fans

How often do you go into their mono brand stores where they only stock G-Star?

Do you ever just go in to window shop/browse?

Is there anything about G-Star you don't like?

What do yo like/dislike about their stores?

I'd really appreciate your opinions.

Only one g-star store here in Ireland so I don't know too much about the brand.


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I like G-star. It's fashion, cool and nice... I buy often g-star online 

Especially the jeans and the blouses are nice!

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Hey man, I'm irish also and also a g-star fan. The dundrum store is much like most of their stores worldwide. I make sure I make time to visit their stores when I'm overseas. Especially New York. I visit the dundrum store whenever I'm in the neighbourhood.
As far as the brand goes, they make excellent clothing but their jeans are questionable at best. The loose taper fit for their cargos are just a horrible fit and I aint a fan of the arc fit either. But shirts, knits and jackets are so damn cool with excellent quality.
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