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Thavar 888P only $250 at Nordstroms.com right now!!!! All sizes!

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Hey for all who have been waiting on these for a sale here it is. They run slightly smaller than other Thavar. Maybe about half a size smaller. I got mine from here and they were they yellower tinted ones which seem more popular.

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i like your review on that site ;)

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always within a week of my buying something at full price. fml.

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thanks. And of course that is how it always happens.

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Yup! That's 888P!

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FML....202€ without taxes, shipping and VAT....302€ all included...even more expensive than diesel online store (250€)...

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Good deal. I havd the urge to buy a 3rd one just to see the color difference.
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kept em both huh?

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I'm about 90% firm on that. So hard to choose between the 2
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muhahahaha grab the braddoms! make it three!

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Hahaha, 3 888p, that's too insane. Then again....
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By the way, if compared thavar 888p with braddom 888p in the same size, do they have the similar cut? what is the leg opening of braddom 888p in 28/32?

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I'm $250 poorer. Just bought this again this time sizing way up. This site is such a bad influence. icon_wink.gif
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indeed it is! Do we get to see pics of their fit once they arrive?

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Originally Posted by jeanetic View Post

indeed it is! Do we get to see pics of their fit once they arrive?

Sorry but hell no. 509.gif


You and Phukette and many others here on this board dresses EXCEEDINGLY well. I'd be totally embarrassed to put up my fit pic. I do not want to be in the 'this is not the way to wear it' category. Plus currently there is nothing fit with my body. LOL. Maybe in the near future when I put my act together. I know most of you are nice and gives constructive criticism but I just feel weird about it. (It's like my dilemma of hiring house cleaners becuase I want to clean them to my acceptable level before I invite them in and do their work)


I've been learning a lot from this forum, not just about diesel jeans but about shoes, way of mixing-matching. I was so inspired that I threw away 10 trash bags of clothes that I hate and seldom or even never wear or that make me look fugly. I overhauled my shoes collection and is half way overhauling my apparel. I know and I have already bought crap but doesn't suit me but hey I'm learning. TY guys for posting your fit pics. One of these days I'll do my share. cheer.gif

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Lol ok. To each his own. icon_wink.gif
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Hey guys, it's 50% off now ($175)and I just picked one pair. You can go here and check it out.icon_biggrin.gif





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WTF indeed. crybaby.gif

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I thought shops weren't allowed by diesel to discount before summer sales?


It's still 1 month to sales.

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Pro tip:

If you bought from Nordstroms, go to their live chat and have your price adjusted.

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^ so you can get it for less than $175?
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Hi guys, I'm all new here. Just want to say that these are probably the most beautiful jeans at the moment. I want them so badly but I'm from Croatia and Diesel does not delivers them here. So, i just wanted to ask is there any chance for me to buy them by this low price? Thanks in advance! BTW - my size is W29, L32 on all of Diesel's that I have, so can you tell me which size should I look for? 

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