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Fit and authenticity check...

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Hi all

First of all I want to apologise if I didn’t place this into authenticity super-thread but since I also want your opinion on fit I thought I start new thread.

So I got me-self some thanazes in 8kj, 8b5, 8pi and 8my washes all in 28x32. All been bought from eBay seller diesel_jeans_1978 which I never had troubles before. My main concern is about the 8kj since I never saw them in any Diesel store here in London or on Diesels web. They look pretty legit but as for the Mohican tag in has only size written on it and I cannot read anything from the silver hologram stripe-same for 8b5 and 8my (but with those it says where they been made). Tag underneath Mohican has written on it that it has been made in Romania.

As for fit please don’t judge the whole thing as I only wear mine around-the-house t-shirt and I just quickly put some belt in the jeans...also your opinion on keep or let go will be appreciated.

Pics from top: 8b5, 8kj, 8my, 8pi tags:8pi, 8my/8b5 and 8kj

8b5 (1).JPG8b5 (2).JPG8KJ (1).JPG8KJ (2).JPG8MY (1).JPG8MY (2).JPG8PI (1).JPG8PI (2).JPG8PI tag.jpgtag 8my,8b5.jpgtag 8kj.jpg




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all real and all fit well

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Hi welcome to DenimBlog.


I recognise that room! It's Simon isn't it? You sold me those Thanaz and Levis 510!


Your new Thanaz look great. I have the 8KJ too. I really like them!

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Hi guys and thanks for replies.

Levislad yeah its me,it is a small world, how you been?

I really like the 8kj wash but the fit is bit strange-I'm still not 100% sure on them.Did yours stretched a bit or not really?I'm wearing mine for three days now and they didn't gave a bit.

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Hi, my 8KJ were tight but they do stretch out a bit. Give them time. I love mine and they look hot on you!


I never found those skinny black H&M jeans you were wearing when I picked up the jeans. I had a look but couldn't find them.



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its a shame I still found some in H&M brent cross last week...

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How much were they?

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i think around £30-but they stretched a lot on waist...

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I really liked them but can't find them anywhere!

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went to h&m in brent cross this tuesday and they had like 20 pairs on display there and i think they also been in sale £15.

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