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Please help!! advice on returning jeans

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Hi all, this is my first post ever on Denimblog community forum :)


I recently bought a pair of Rag & Bone skinny jeans in Preston in a Theory store.


When I tried it in the fitting room, it looked good and I didn't have any issues because I didn't really move around in the fitting room.


I came home and immediately wore it out to dinner for a few hours, and the fabric was SO uncomfortable on my skin (which is surprising because another Rag & Bone pair I have has superb fabric), and gave me rashes around the inseam/outseam lining. :( I'm really sad about this because the wash of these jeans is amazing!


I need some advice on what to do, because Theory apparently does not accept returns on non-Theory merchandise, and I contacted Rag & Bone's customer service about this, but I'm not getting any replies back. I kind of expected this, but if they are charging $198 for a pair of jeans with issues, I would expect better service.


What should I do? I spend over $200 on this pair and I certainly don't want it to go to waste. :(


Please give me some advices!!   Thank you in advance, fellow Denimbloggers :)

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Well the pair is still brand new. Your best bet is too list them on eBay and Denimblog as well as other fashion forums. List them as new since they are. If you have the tags on then even better. You may have to take a loss on this one. Either that or just wear them. Lesson learned though. 


Another though, I dont know if Theory told you when you purchased the item originally that they dont accept returns on non theory items or not but if they did not then you may have recourse through your CC company. Im not sure on that one. You may actually be able to explain to Theory corporate that you were never informed about this and demand a refund that way. They are supposed to let you know when something is not returnable. 

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Mostly agree with what Jeanetic said, however, please don't do what way too many sellers do and list them as NWT or NWOT when you did actually wear them once. Of course, definitely point out that they were only worn once (and if you wash cold and hang dry, they won't get any fade or dryer wear and will be in the same condition)...and hopefully you'll be able to recoup some of your cost.


I'm not sure if Rag&Bone would get you a refund on these unless there was an obvious defect in the stitching that caused the seam lines to stick out in a way they wouldn't normally, thereby rubbing the wrong way and giving you the rash. It could just be that there's some dye, fiber blend or something in there that your skin in particular is sensitive to, but most others aren't, like people with nickel allergies reacting to the hardware in some denim (or the way my skin reacts to any nylon tights that aren't microfiber). In that case, they may just tell you to avoid that particular cut or fabric blend. Best of luck, though!

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I agree with above. Unfortunately, I think it's not really within Rag & Bone's jurisdiction to refund your money, as they're not the store who originally sold them to you. I'd suggest contacting Theory first and then trying to sell them on Ebay if that doesn't work.

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I agree with the others.....

your best bet is to sell them although personally I would use Denimblog as eBay is an easy place to sell ladies jeans - but unless theyre a rare limited edition, you won't get that much for them and you want to minimise your loss.

I definitely wouldn't buy that brand again if you're allergic to them!!!
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While you already have no chance to return it, you can sell it to others. You can sell it offline or online but be honest about its effect you and ask them if they have allergies like yours too. It would be hard to find the right customer but just get your chance though.

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