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Tepphar 886A Pics and Review

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Tepphar 886A 29X32


Tepphar 886Af2.png Tepphar 886As.png



First of all, these are made in Morocco. Having said that, the people over there in Morocco have an incredible attention to detail. This is a pretty special wash. They start out as standard indigo and then they are treated and heated to literally bake in the black. The result is a subtle but supremely interesting mess of blues, blacks, and browns. I know you can't tell from the above pics (sorry, I was brushing lint off my legs in the first shot) so here are some better shots of some of the crazy details.



Tepphar 886A det4.png


Tepphar 886A det3.png


Tepphar 886A det.png Tepphar 886A det2.png



Yeah, pretty gross. These are beautifully filthy. Subtle oil splatters and waves of blue make these truly unique and really quite the special wash. Pictures of this wash in online stores tend to be a touch overexposed and exaggerate the lighter colors. In most normal circumstances, this is a solid yet subtly interesting black wash. When seen outside on a sunny day, however, these jeans really will look like those pictures.


All of my pictures were taken with no flash and are pretty true to actual color. I got this particular pair from @qwerk (thanks brother man) and they are a 29X32. The fit is quite large in the thighs and waist and I'm realizing that I really do need to size down on this cut. However, my other stretch Tepphars (8W3 29X32) are my most comfortable jeans and these feel essentially the same. The fabric itself is quite thin but due to the treatment of the wash, it is a touch stiff and perhaps a bit rough at first. These were barely worn if ever seeing as how after one day, they softened up significantly. 



Verdict: 4/5 Really good. Don't be thrown off by the Morocco tag. As these are non-Italian Diesels, good deals can be had all over the internet. With all of the subtle details and crazy swirls of color, these are honestly worth a good look from all you dark wash enthusiasts out there.







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Great review!

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Could we see back pics? the thing I'm reluctent about tepphar are the huge back pockets, I want to see how they look IRL and not on the models on the web with oversized jeans...


thx ;)

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Nice, another really good review!  

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Nice review, I ordered 886A in Darron only hours earlier.

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i'll take a shot of my bum next time i wear them (shouldn't be too long). the pockets definitely look weird everywhere online. i'm fairly certain they're not awkward IRL but we'll have to see in a few days.


thanks for the positive feedback fellers, wan't sure if anyone was reading these.

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very nice!

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Here you go, sidenote: these are big on me. The waist is huge and I really should have sized down. However, they still look good (I think) and they're super comfy haha. Also, there's a rather large Montblanc wallet in the right back pocket. You know how bulky those can be.


Tepphar 886A B.pngTepphar 886A BP.png



edit: second pic was taken with flash so you can see the pockets.

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Thx a lot, that's nice of you ;) . They still look bigger than thavar but not as big as on the internet ahahah...


But still not sure if I like them or not ^^

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...maybe me too now, dammit. nahhh they're totally okay.


what's a guy gotta do to get a Tepphar/Thavar splice 'round here? Give me a Thavar hip that tapers to a Tepphar lower leg/leg opening and Diesel will bankrupt me.

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some close up shots of Darron 886A, this wash is really nice



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yeah that is nice

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woah, great shots. i haven't tried terribly hard but it seemed impossible to capture this wash on camera but you have done a pretty good job there! looks awesome. love my tepphars.

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Those look really interesting. I want!

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yeah, i love em. they're subtle but exciting. and so so dirty. very underrated wash.

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Did they sell out on the Diesel store already? The only place I can find them is on Ssense.

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On the french Diesel online store they are avalaible ;)

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Tepphar 886A flash 1.png

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which size do you have in Darron 886a? 


Bought my first pair of Darron 8j3 and fits wundeul. But i Am worried that 886a is wide because of the stretch. could you help me out?

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886A were my first Darron which I got in my normal size and they fit me kinda snug probably to accommodate for the eventual stretching.
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