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ss12 Joggs on SSense

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is it worth to buy krooley 0800a jogg jean when u already have a thavar 8x2?

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i certainly think so! they look similar but they're not identical by any means. also, the radically different nature of joggs v jeans makes a comparison a wash (no pun intended). they're both definitely beautiful.


btw, the krooleys are darker IRL. other jogg washes are all phenomenal as well so if you really want something that looks less like an 8x2, that is totally easily doable.

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and oh yeah, i do have both. absolutely no regrets on either one.

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ok dude thy and is the krooley jogg jean smaller comapred to thaver 8x2?

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the only thing that sucks is the price / made in tunesia lol

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if it would be made in italy it would be expensive and everyone would say mimimimimimi QQ why is it so expensive =D

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i'm okay with both! i've had plenty of perfectly fine MIT diesels and never had a complaint. joggs are definitely a bit pricey but they're definitely special.


they're super good. i love them, though i do prefer the cut of the tepphar jogg a little more.

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Originally Posted by karacho View Post

the only thing that sucks is the price / made in tunesia lol

Tunisia is known for their high quality textile manufacturing... Cheaper labor than Italy? Right! but the quality is high enough. I wouldn't be concerned by buying Diesel made in Italy or less than 400 miles away.  

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I didn`t mean to say that the quality is not good because they are not from Italy,  but the price (230eur) is ridiculous in the relation to savings of the labour costs.

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they are NOT cheap. that's for sure! but if you have the means, it's amazing to wear something that looks and feels that good. Did i mention how good they feel? Haha.

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