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I'd value people's opinion on S/S '12 Thanaz 888I

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Hi everyone, I just joined the site. While looking through the current collection, this Thanaz 888I style really caught my attention: http://store.diesel.com/us/skinny_cod42224072rj.html.

But since I was unable to find any opinions on this wash on the forum, I thought I would ask the community to give some thoughts on the striped jean look before I pull the trigger.  I was able to find the jeans at a huge discount from the Cultiz.com website and that makes it even more enticing.  However, I need to know that this is a good looking style and not some kind of goofy look that I will regret purchasing! I am already an owner of 2 Thavar pairs and 1 Thanaz that is still on sale, the 8QQ black version which I absolutely loved. So I know these fit me well--the question is about the wash really....


Thank you so much!


Here's another link for a detailed view: http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/SS12/Male/Denim/Still_Life/THANAZ%200888I.jpg


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Well you know, with the right outfit they can truly shine. That said, they are not on my wish list as there's still a lot more cuts/washes that I'd rather have.

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I think they are very unique and the start of a new kitsch-y trend IMO. Having said that, you'd need to be brave to wear them. If you are then go for it. Once the fit is good then the wash is only a matter of taste.
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Bro, it's clear you like it, so buy it. Simple as that.


I like the other one better: http://store.diesel.com/us/skinny_cod42224075uf.html

But it's more expensive and not available at cultizm. But nothing wrong with the one you want.

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@ cooltx75

Im in the same boat as you bud. When i first saw them I wanted them. Im in the UK and im not sure how thy would be received. I still like them though and I think will work well in the summer with the correct outfit. I wont be paying retail for them but will hope to pick them up at a is discount/on sale.

Looked on cultizm and they are on sale at retail arent they?
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I didn't notice if cutizm only charges in dollars or other currencies--but regardless--at diesel.com they are retailing for $240, plus 8% tax where I live would be more or less $260...at cultzim they are selling them for $186 plus 10% off for the facebook discount so the total is $170...about 35% off retail. That's the only reason I've now considered the purchase...and since it's new all sizes are available now....


Thanks for the opinions guys...

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The stripes are extremely bold. I was truly surprised the first time I saw them.


That being said, I love all the new fashion Thanaz. All it takes is an attitude adjustment. These are not standard denim. They feel like work pants at first too. Very cool pants. Grab at least one of em. 

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they look weird! but if you like you should try them! This may indeed be a popularstyle. ))))))

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Hey cooltx75, if you really like them, go for it man.  They're pretty bold.   Not everyone can pull off

the look. That being said, what the fuck, they are afterall thanaz, and any thanaz looks good.

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I honestly think they look a little goofy as-is.

I much prefer the 8880L that Baltimore posted.. I couldn't see myself wearing 888I at all, and I love Thanaz. Just my opinion of course!

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i would rather take the tepphar 8pk 

the stripes on them aren't so dominant and it's overall a cooler wash 

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