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Nothing Beats Levi's

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I love premium denim, but there is nothing that beats a pair of Levi's. There is a reason why it is a brand that has lasted over a century. They just know how to get it right. Out of all their fits, my favorite is the 511. It has become the new classic fit for the men. It is just favored by many. Whenever I decide to go for a pair of men's jeans, can always count on those to fit me the right way. Another plus about the is that they are wallet friendly. How many of you still in love with your Levi's?

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Levi's really? IDK. I dont like them at all. I would maybe wear Made and Crafted but not regular levis. Mostly dont like washes on regular ones. As far as fit goes, they dont have the cuts I like so I cant even work with a nice simpler pair. 

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