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Safado 884b Sizing

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How does this particular wash compare to let's say 882b or 886P? Also, do they stretch after a few wears? My 886P in W33 fit me perfect after they stretched a bit but my W33 882b are a bit tight on me. I'm also looking at buying 880W so any input will be appreciated.

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Anyone know whether eBay seller styleincali sells genuine stuff?
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Not sure about the 884B but the 880W is an amazing jean. They do run quite large in the waist, an extra inch or two. Having said that, if you don't like the bleach spots then go for the 888R. Very similar wash but no bleach spots and the fit is way better. 888R has roughly the same fit as the 882B.
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Thanks. Was just about to order one in 34. I actually like the bleach spots. Which size did you get in Thavar 886p and what is your normal safado size?
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I got a 32x32 in thavar. I'm a 32x32 in Safado. Thighs can be tight in thavar compared to Safado. So if I were you I'd size one up if you find the 882B tight.
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No stretch. Runs slightly tighter than 882b but about same as 886b and still got the same size in all 3 (28).
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Thanks. I may go for 33 in 880w and 34 in 884b with all your inputs taken into account.

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Be sure to post fit pics!!
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