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my other UMC look like this and fit like this


dunno why i like these boots so much. prolly bcuz they help stacking A LOT!!!

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waxed jeans day


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Originally Posted by Marcus0528 View Post

my other UMC look like this and fit like this


dunno why i like these boots so much. prolly bcuz they help stacking A LOT!!!


Love it with the plain white t

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i gotta figure out what'll go well with my waxed claws. i've never been worried about UMCs cuz they go well with almost everything. but when it comes to waxed claws, i think they need something more stylish on the upper body and for the shoes, they only look right with certain boots :P trouble haha

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yeah the boots look a lot better with a white tee. Great fit on CM. You should wear them more often. THey are so nice!


yesterday I wore my Jakes:


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Yeah, I'll wear my CM more often after LVR comes up with some solution. I was really confused cuz I can't find anything about their ref number on the net, so I asked LVR what to do. They told me to send them back and they'll check them for me. I'm not sure, I know LVR don't sell fake, but I was pretty anxious bout them for weeks. Hopefully I wanna ask them to send me CMs from 12AW. Not sure bout this yet cuz first of all, I'm not sure of they'll take full responsibility. And I don't know if Dior will release CM in 12AW?
Someone can tell me?
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Jeanetic, I always love the hat with your button downs and Jakes. This outfit is just classy!! You always get the style;)
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I think you're barking up that tree for no reason. In fact it probably doesn't matter of you get cm from this season or next or last. LVR isn't going to be able to tell what season it's from by your sending them back. They have the same info you do. It would be a waste of your time honestly. Just wear them and be happy you have a good looking pair. I have no idea what season mine are from either so no worries!
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Yes, I wanted to do so, but as mine's reference number can't be identified, I was really worried bout them. I don't really care bout the season they're from now, just the authenticity of them. The results of my search comes with 2 close ref number.
CM from 08: 8E3110530213
CM from 09/10: PI31J0530213
The ref number up there got bunches of searching results, but mine (PI3110530213) got absolutely NOTHING found. I have no idea what happened cuz i think mine is a blender of the two ones up there. There are no such a pair of authentic DH's ref number that can't be found on the net so far. I care bout the authenticity not the season right now. I do trust LVR, but the ref number keep bothering me for a while.
I showed LVR staff my pics of all the labels/tags. They told me to send the jeans back immediately cuz they thought there are something wrong with my jeans. They didn't tell me why.
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Dude are these the same ones I saw when you got them? If so they are real. Just because you cant find the ref # on a google search doesnt mean they arent authentic. That has nothing to do with it. The only reason the number would be online is because someone entered it there. Just because no one has happened to have put the numbers online yet doesnt mean they arent real. I mean if its a new ref # for the new season then why would it be online? What reason would some have to enter it there?

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in other words: what Im saying is that there isnt someone who sits there and enters DIor Homme Reference numbers to an online database all day. You cant determine if something if fake by checking to see if the ref # has been entered online.

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Did you post pics of these already?

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Maybe I only saw your waxed CM. Did you post pics of these CM? Post pics of them

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okay I just searched and found these. These are them right? The wash looks good but Id say that you should maybe size up one since they were so tight (since LVR is letting you exchange them!)

Originally Posted by Marcus0528 View Post

finally, i got these DIOR homme clawmarks from LVR. THEY ARE SOOO TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what do you guys think??

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Actually you've seen more. The pics below the trench coat pic on page14. Those are my claws too. They stretch out to fit slightly looser.
The way ref# goes has it's era. New model these years goes like 163D002TY003(this is DO's ref#)
And 08~10, they were like PI31J0530213. Plus on the silver tag, before 08 or something,there are BAS19/BAS17.5, but for KVA era, there are F19/F17.5 on them. That's really strange cuz my ref# goes like earlier model, plus it was BAS19 on my silver tag. That pair was not jeans from these years.
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Why dont you post front and back pics plus the tags on here. We are pretty good at determining authenticity ;) Then you may feel better about wearing them!

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Yeh, I'll do that but I only have the tags pics right now. I'll post the tags pics when I got home
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these are all the tags/labels pics i have right now.

worn pics below


sorry i can't take any jeans pics right now cuz LVR is inspecting them now

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Those are 100% real my man! If anyone tells you anything different then they dont know much.


I wore work a day again but this time just with a tee:


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Like jeanetic said, finding the reference number online or not is hardly a determining factor in authenticity for that reason he stated.

They definitely look legit, if a bit tight. Plus you got them from LVR. Not to sound harsh, but you shouldnt be paranoid about it in this case.
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I had to change a tire and work under my vehicle a little yesterday. I figured it would be a good opportunity to get some good wear on my Raws. 




Then today I wore my leaden sky


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the raws are indeed very amazing. the stacks on them are prolly the best of the best!!!

two hours ago i recieved these raw jeans from APC, i was working on the fade of them. they are gonna be one of my collection of art work for the application of the college that i was hoping to get in.(fashion designing)

so give me some comments for them :) they are not finished yet so i just took 2 quick pics.


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After LVR recieved my return, they told me they never ordered those jeans from DIOR. What on earth did that mean???? This is so unbelievable. They don't wanna take the responsibility now.
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Love the whiskering effect, cant say I'm personally a fan of the wrench on the back pocket though. Cool project! And thats really weird with LVR, sorry to hear that.

Took some rough fit pics of my Dior Jakes at the All Saints store.


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The fit of those jakes are really perfect!! most likely It's gonna be an argument between me and LVR then. Now it's even more suspicious:(
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